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Business Ethics Questions (Book Review Sample)


read the article provided, see attached.
this is a book review must involve the study and practice of business ethics and business writing.
this review should be equally divided into 3 parts: finish each part in 6 sentences or so. mark the number before start to write each part in sequence.
1. quotes(and cite the page for)a passage from the article provided, alone with your comments. 
2.should do as #1. as well for an ethics issue reported currently in a media source.
3. discuss what you do for this course, including observation on your writing, other readings do for the course, and ideas raised in class. 
when finished, write down time spent on each of those three part. 


Business Ethics
Institutional Affiliation:
Business Ethics
Question One
The book gives an in-depth discussion of the importance of honesty in businesses. Dishonesty must be treated like any other business crime, and there should be the prosecution of individuals with such characters. There is a need to advocate for the right morals in enterprises. However, there are instances in which it becomes difficult to remain honest when one encounters corrupt systems. Ben’s story concerning the Canadian Organization highlights the dangers of having a government and companies that employ deceiving tactics to achieve their targets (Jacobs, 1992). For businesses to thrive and realize honesty in its operations, one should not give excuses as the reason for lying and systems should operate with integrity. Operating within the confines of the ethical standards enhances the business productivity, improves relations and minimizes the risk of attracting legal repercussions.
Question Two
Another ethical issue that is of great concern in businesses is the conflict of interest of some operations. One such case is reported in the Huffington post c...
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