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The Types of Mergers Book Review (Book Review Sample)


read the article provided, see attached.
this is a book review must involve the study and practice of business ethics and business writing.
this review should be equally divided into 3 parts: finish each part in 6 sentences or so. mark the number before start to write each part in sequence.
1. quotes(and cite the page for)a passage from the article provided, alone with your comments. 
2.should do as #1. as well for an ethics issue reported currently in a media source.
3. discuss what you do for this course, including observation on your writing, other readings do for the course(business writing), and ideas raised in class. 
when finished, write down time spent on each of those three part. 
writing will be evaluated using the following criteria:
sentences:follows conventions of written english. sentences able to stand alone.
clarity:clear, scannable, organized with title, headings, and paragraphs.
substance: takes on challenging ideas, not superficial. 
evidence: presents sound evidence. cites sources. no patch writing or plagiarism.

Book Review: Systems of Survival
"The types of mergers most obviously at odds with the commercial syndrome are contrived to dispose of competition - create monopolies" (Jacobs, 1992, p. 140).
To say that monopolies were "at odds with the commercial syndrome" means that competition is the natural state of business. In the tradition of Adam Smith, I also believe markets should be allowed to self-correct itself, without intervention from the government. The problem these days is that the government, a guardian, thinks it can ever control business, and business thinks it can be as powerful as the government. But Jacobs' clearly shows that the two are s different from each other: where one is required to shun trade, the other has to shun force; one has to adhere to tradition, the other has to promote inventiveness. One can go through all the precepts and see that business is so distinct from the government.
Unfortunately, Jacobs also shows in her work that these two spheres of society have began working together, hence causing confusion in the very foundation of its existence. The government has began to work like a business, prioritizing the need to provide for its people before it starts to guard its territorpromote courage unity. Thanks to the presence of World Bank and IMF, which masks itself as commercial ventures, guardians have been able to perform commercial activities, to the detriment of other countries who are unfortunate to not have the prowess to resist impositions from world powers. Meanwhile, several businesses have become so huge and far-reaching - some even bigger than the economies of countries. They have been able to force countries to institute policies and laws that help perpetuate their business, regardless of its consequences.
"'Investment banking should be defined only by customer needs and imagination in meeting those needs.' It used to be deined by much else, specifically commercial morality" (Jacobs, 2013, p.142).
What is the purpose of commercial entreprise? If we are to base economic theory, it is to fulfill the physical needs of people so that they are able to fulfill their purpose as individuals in the society. It is the role of commerce to produce and to develop technologies to increase production. This is the reason why unlike guardians, commericial institutions thrive on change. The goal was to be able to distribute enough resources to the community, while the guardian ensures that such resources were distributed equally.
The pro...
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