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Book Report: Deaf Culture (Book Report Sample)

Compare to youtr culture with deaf culture, what you learn from the part one in the book( page 1-81)? Do you agree or not agree? What you have learned from this part in the book? source..
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Book Report: Deaf Culture
The author of the book analysis on how the American Culture of the hearing people describe the deaf in relation to their behaviors, social beliefs and the challenges on how use of sign language is being used as means of communications in the community and institutions. However, the views of Deaf community as explained by the author do view deafness as differences of human experience instead of it being a disability (Mindness Et al. 1999). This is a view not shared by the hearing community who in contrast they view Deafness as a disability and hindrance to sharing of information.
The author emphasized on the challenges of sign language interpreters who are able to identify themselves with the deaf culture. This interpreter tries to bridge the gap between the deaf community and the hearing people with an aim of achieving their recognition in the community as it is their right to be entitled to support and recognition and have an equal basis as others in the community (Linda & Matthew, 2003). I do agree that the interpreters are try the much they can to assist the Deaf people communicate with the hearing people but it`s not all the time when a Deaf person is accompanied by an interpreter in such cases it proves to be difficult to for them to communicate with other people as most of them do not understand the sign languages used to communicate.
The book provides evidence that integration of the deaf community does not encourage interactions with the hearing people during their studies. Therefore, deaf culture do develop when they are in schools as they do have their own schools and Deaf social clubs which unit them into communities which they are able to identify with. Such separation of the deaf people at their early life in learning and later in life when there are at working environment which they are supposed to share knowledge and ideas with the workmates becomes much challenging (Tom & Padden, 1988). I do agree with the author that there is a need for a mutual integration of the deaf and hearing people with an aim of better integration of the deaf people in the community.
The author created awareness on how the Deaf ...
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