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Culture: empathy and Neolithic culture (Coursework Sample)

(1)Why was the development of institutions one of the most important features of Neolithic culture.(2)In relating to others, empathy occurs only when we have successfully shed all preconceived ideas and judgments about them.Do you agree? Explain your answer. source..

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(21, 06, 2011)
Q. 1. Why was the development of institutions one of the most important features of Neolithic culture?
Ans. Along with different characteristics of Neolithic culture, one of the most significant features that have revolutionized today`s modern industry is development of institutions. Neolithic era is characterized by the earliest adoption of agriculture by the humans and led them to shift their mere subsistence from hunting and gatherings to a better livelihood. This headed to the development of early institutions that set the ground for the most sophisticated and modernized institutions which one witness today (Paik, 2009). It is seen that those regions in which the agriculture revolution was experienced at the earlier stages of Neolithic transformation, have shown more persistent signs of industries that belong to pre-historic era, "while those adopting agriculture late witnessed democratic, egalitarian institutions;( Paik, 2009, p.1). It has also been argued that the modern world of today with an economic boom is the function of past institutions established in Neolithic era. Moreover it has also been discussed that the modern institutions have been evolved mainly due to the establishment of early institutions in various lands as a consequence of dispersion of early farmers of Neolithic culture. The newly formed institutions were basically an amendment to their earlier forms as am endeavour to make them more suitable for the changing needs of the population. This led to the development of first hierarchal and then more decentralised and democratic political...
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