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Health Behaviour and Culture; Identifying and Exploring Different Approaches Concerning the Eradication of AIDS Cases in African Societies. BHS 414 Module 5 SLP (Essay Sample)

Your Task for Module 5 BHS414_Module_5_SLP_reading.doc SAHARAJMay04_1-1_pp004-013_OA_Culture_Africa_HIV_AIDS_prevention_care_support.pdf Airhihenbuwa (2004) asserts that an individual's identity is shaped not simply by his/her individual characteristics (e.g., race, gender, or ethnicity) but by his/her social cultural context, which may include one's family/extended family and/or neighborhood/community. This context should be taken into account in efforts to determine the most appropriate point of entry for a health education intervention. Interventions could thus potentially be directed at three levels: 1. The Individual 2. The Family or Extended Family 3. The Neighborhood or Community For Module 5, please respond to the following question in a 2-3 page paper: Based upon what you have learned about your target cultural group in constructing your 3x3 table, what would be the most appropriate point of entry and methods for an intervention designed to address the health problem that you have identified? Please support your responses with evidence from the scholarly literature that you consulted in developing your 3x3 table. Submit your paper at the conclusion of this module. ========= Module 5 Required Readings Direct link provided: For Case Assignment- 1. Jamison, A. (1994). Western science in perspective and the search for alternatives. In Salomon, J (Ed.), The uncertain quest: science, technology, and development. Tokyo, New York, Paris: United Nations University Press. Web sites: For Session Long Project- 2. Airhihenbuwa, C.O., & Webster, J.D. (2004). Culture and African contexts of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support. Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance, 1(1), 4-13. Retrieved July 26, 2010, from http://www(dot)sahara(dot)org(dot)za/dmdocuments/SAHARAJMay04_1-1_pp004-013_OA_Culture_Africa_HIV_AIDS_prevention_care_support.pdf For General Discussion- 3. Program for Multicultural Health, University of Michigan Health System: http://www(dot)med(dot)umich(dot)edu/multicultural/index.html source..

Module (Number): Health Behaviour and Culture
Identifying and Exploring Different Approaches
Concerning the Eradication of AIDS Cases in African Societies
(Name of Student)
(Date of Submission)
As reflected by the researches and studies pertaining to the phenomenon of HIV/AIDS, we can see that many issues and problems arise as the phenomenon touches sensitive matters affecting people and the society. Sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS apparently convey different problems and issues particularly in certain communities wherein the phenomenon continues to prevail and get worse. In here, many factors are seen to be affecting the matter as politics, economics, social and the cultural components of the community are observed to influence the problem.
In consideration of the different factors affecting AIDS cases particularly in African societies, an analysis and identification of possible ways of solving the said issue will be presented in this paper. Apparently, as suggested by Airhihenbuwa & Webster (2004), intervention as solution to the problem can be at various levels; namely, through the individual, the family, and the community. In this regard, through weighing these given aspects, a better approach can be designed in order to solve the said health issue.
Looking at the different levels of development in conducting programs for the eradication of AIDS and other related diseases, it is observable that certain pattern of events reveals how not only the economic and political background but also the socio-cultural aspects of the affected communities influence the issue. In many studies, the role of culture in framing people`s minds with regards to health behaviour is being emphasized as the factor was observed to have significant effect on people`s health practices (see Airhihenbuwa & Webster, 2004; Abrahams, 2006; Hope & Klonoff, 1992; Kreuter & McClure, 2004). Thus, in the previous modules that I presented, it is recognizable how culture significantly affects the problem particularly in African communities. Though the argument highlighting the cultural grounds of the health problem may pose political discomfort, we can see that several scholarly written literatures have already been established to support it. In here, we can suggest the incorporation of cultural matters in designing the approach to solve the problem; that is, penetrating...
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