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Minor 1 2nd Part: Products/ Service/ Customer Orientation (Book Report Sample)


Create a managerial report that builds on your previous Strategic Assessment with a Structural Assessment that evaluates the structure, process and people systems your selected organization has adopted (cf. Burton et al., 2011, pp. 59-161).
This Minor 2 is the second-part of a three-part report that will come together in your Major 2 project—an internal organization design audit. Minor 2 should be written as an extension of Minor 1, in the same format. It should add on another 4 pages. Follow the same report structure. Do your analysis from 5123_minor2.worksheet.xlsxPreview the documentView in a new window and use the tables from 5123_design.tables.docxPreview the documentView in a new window as needed.
Background: This section will be the same as your first report, only expanded to mention this is a part two of three part report. You will also mention that this covers structure, process and people systems, in addition to strategy and environment.
Assessment: Add another 4 sub-headers that cover Burton's steps of structure, process and people, namely: Configuration, Organizational Complexity, Geographic distribution, and Knowledge exchange onto your 3 sub-headers (you created in Minor 1). Use the next Excel worksheet to score these sub-systems. Using Burton's diagnostic questions and his quadrants, offer a current assessment of these sub-systems.
Recommendations: Update the organization's current configuration (cf. Table 8.1, p. 153) to include the structure and process systems. Recognize fits and raise any questions about possible misfits, along with actions for consideration to improve strategic and structural alignment.
This project asks you to build your Minor 2 in the “boat” of your Minor 1. So this will be a combined report. You will incorporate any revisions of Minor 1 in this paper from your Instructor and/or Manager.


Minor 1 2nd Part
In the step by step approach to organizational design and process when describing the organization's culture, it is necessary to address configuration, organizational complexity, geographic distribution, and knowledge exchange, people, leadership style and climate (Burton, Obel, and DeSanctis, 2011). The various elements of the organization structure ought to fit together, and changes are made to ensure there is accuracy and internal consistency.
Products/ Service/ Customer Orientation
Functional Orientation
Focus on external audiences
Create subunits based on skills
Form subunits around customers
Orientation toward specialization
Form subunits around products
Firm has clearly defined subunit roles
Horizonal Axis
Avg Score
Vertical Axis
Avg Score
The structure was identified as the matrix configuration. In this option the staff is assigned to work in functional departments and may work in more than one product of projects. While it is flexible, the employers are answerable to the functional and project boss. However, since the organization is part of a large organization, there are elements of divisional departmentalization as it functions as a semi autonomous strategic business unit. The structure plays an important role in how the organization operates and staff positions are used. As such, there is autonomy when managers make decisions and this makes it easier to adapt strategies to local situations and facilitate integration.
Organizational Complexity
Horizontal Differentiation
Vertical Differentiation
At the lowest level - how many subunits are there across the firm
How many levels are there from the top of the firm to the bottom
Horizonal Axis
Avg Score
Vertical Axis
Avg Score
Organizational complexity focuses on whether the structure is tall, symmetric, blob, or flat. The organization is highly symmetric as its differentiated both vertically and horizontally. This is to be expected for the large organizations with various subunits and operating in different areas. For instance, the supply chain is highly integrated to reduce inefficiencies this affects how the organization operates as it is possible to undertake various tasks simultaneously as the tasks are broken down into units that are manageable. Additionally, reporting to the different decision makers at possible at various levels of the organization structure.
Geographic distribution
Local Responsiveness
Optimal Sourcing
Units close or far from headqtrs
Close proximity to customers
Consolidated or distributed
Close proximity to human resources
Corporate or local perspective
Close proximity to business partners
Consistency or customization
Close proximity to ongoing business
Horizonal Axis
Avg Score
Vertical Axis
Avg Score
The geographic distribution component shows that the organization is a transnational company, and this fits in with the organization's strategy. The unit focuses on mass customization to implement the transnational strategies with research and development playing a crucial role in facilitating synergies. When operating in different areas the organization does adapt to the local tastes and this polycentric approach makes the c

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