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OMICS International: Decision-Making System Report (Book Report Sample)


Grading: See grading rubric below.
All assignments must be done individually; students must do their own work.
Select an organization with which you are quite familiar. (Note that the organization may be a relatively small group or unit within a much larger enterprise.) The organization should perform a transformation process that involves chiefly decision-making. 
Write a short report that describes the organization as a decision-making system.
The report must include five separate sections that address the following items:
1. Overview: Give a brief description of the organization and explain why it is a decision-making system. 
2. Root definition: Clearly define the decision-making system by providing a root definition. This should include a statement of what the organization does, how it does this, and why it does this.
3. SIPOC: Specify the decision-making system's suppliers, input, process, output, and customers.
4. Swimlanes model: Construct a swimlanes model that identifies the key persons in the decision-making system, the key decisions and activities, and the information that flows between them. (Note that this is a model of the decision-making system's current processes.)
5. Conceptual model: Identify the activities that the decision-making system must do to achieve the root definition and draw a conceptual model. (Note that these are not necessarily how the organization currently operates.) The model does not describe the actual organization, but it must be reasonable. There should be five to nine verbs, connected in a logical fashion. Include monitoring or supervisory activities as appropriate.


OMICS International is a company well known for publishing fully researched scientific information through its more than 700 open access online science journals. The company has also organized more than 1000 conferences in all parts of the globe. For OMICS International decision making is an important aspect of the organization. They make various decisions regarding the services they offer, products; strategize on how to get customers in big numbers and also the benefits and incentives to put in place for workers to retain the most talented individuals. The sales department is among one of the most important units in the organization. If its performance is excellent, then the overall performance of the company will improve significantly. At OMICS International they have come up with the support system that assists in improving on all the sales activities that are carried out in the organization.
The decision-making system helps in ensuring that the team can meet or exceed the expectations of the customers for purposes of retaining them and working with them for a longer time. Any decision made by the company can be said to be output that contributes to the increase in productivity of the enterprise (Doumpos & Zopounidis 2010).
The decisions come from various intellectual efforts of highly qualified individuals, accurate data, computing hardware and software and many others. The decision support system is capable of handling very crucial information about the company due to the advanced computer techniques used in it (Salinas et al,. 2011).Sales managers are some of the individuals that play crucial role...
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