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An Employee Resourcing Management Book Report Paper (Book Report Sample)


1) You must refer to relevant literature throughout the assessments. This can be in the form of textbooks, journal articles, or relevant web-based material. You may wish to refer to relevant theory or you may wish to cite relevant research or company examples to support your arguments. Remember all material cited must be referenced using a recognised method. Also remember your guidance notes on the avoidance of Plagiarism.
2) The total word count for each section must be included on the title page of your submission and should not exceed 5000 words in total. If you feel that certain areas require more detailed discussion you can cover these in more detail as long as every one of the 6 sections is at least 800 words in length
3) Please remember that your submitted work will be marked in accordance with the marking criteria for this module (attached).
4) Although each of the generic topics above will be the subject of an online unit, please note that this does not mean that the particular aspect of the overall topic that you are being asked to analyse will necessarily be covered in detail in the unit. One of the main objectives of this piece of work is for you to demonstrate your overall knowledge and understanding by investigating and analysing these particular aspects of the topic yourselves and extending your knowledge, perhaps above and beyond that which is contained in the unit.
5) Your assignments should be written in the form of a report with 6 sections and a conclusions. Use of sub-headings is appropriate.


Employee Resourcing
Employee Resourcing
HRP and Talent Management
ENG Co has some issues that can be addressed through human resource planning and talent management. According to Carbery and Cross (2013), HRP refers to the ongoing consideration of a firm’s staffing requirements, now and in the future, taking into account specific skills and jobs that are and will be required. Effective HRP can be useful in the success of an organization. Carbery and Cross (2013) point out that, with effective HRP, skills or staff shortages in the organization can be avoided. It ensures that the members who make up the workforce have the skills that the organization needs to stay competitive. In case certain skills are not available, the implementation of HRP can help the development of workers to gain those skills or recruitment of people to fill the skills gap. Talent management is also necessary to address the challenges facing ENG Co. The two dimensions of Exclusive/Inclusive and People/Position as described by Bratton and Gold (2017) can help ENG Co address some of the problems it is experiencing.

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