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Consulting Report: Internal Organizational Design (Book Report Sample)


Create a 5-7 page Consulting Report that evaluates the goals and strategy that your organization has adopted, and evaluate it against its environment (cf. Burton et al., 2011, pp. 1-55).
This Minor 1 should be written as the first-part of a three-part report that will come together in Unit 3 as your Major 2 which is an internal organizational design audit of your organization. You should narrow your unit of analysis to a substantial team, business unit, firm or larger enterprise. This could be a branch of government, or a department of college, or a large mega church (cf. Burton et al., 2011, pp. 9-10). This course will use the generic term “organization” to refer to any of these.
Your Minor 1 should cover this ground in report format (1.5 line spacing, ample margins, with a title page and sections to follow, linked with headers to the “navigation pane” in MS Word).
Background: Project intent, project sponsor (manager), a short organization description, and the role you will assume to evaluate its organization design.
Assessment: Based on Burton's diagnostic questions, offer a current assessment of the organizational goals, strategy and environment. Use the Excel worksheet, 5123_minor1.worksheet.xlsxPreview the documentView in a new window for this Minor project to score these three sub-systems. Include three quadrant diagrams and appropriate explanations in this section. Use sub-headers in your report to separate your coverage of these three sub-systems.
Recommendations: Summarize the organization's current configuration (cf. Table 3.2, p. 52, download a copy of tables, 5123_design.tables.docxPreview the documentView in a new window) and where the organization would like to be. Introduce the concept of organizational fit and acknowledge alignments. Raise any questions about possible misfits and actions for consideration to improve strategic alignment.
Keep in mind this is not an academic but an applied paper. You should write in concise business report format. You should communicate in language that a manager will understand. This project will be scored using the MBA Project Grading Rubric.


Consulting Report
The intention of the project is to evaluate the organizational design of the snack manufacturing business unit, which is part of a foods and beverage firm. The project sponsor is the head office manager overseeing all operations and this will provide insights on whether the strategies fit in. The project sponsor seeks to improve efficiency and performance of the business unit and to achieve this, there is a need to evaluate the organization

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