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Minor 3 Pt 3: Strategic and Structural Assessment (Book Report Sample)


Create a managerial report that builds on your previous Strategic and Structural Assessment with a Coordination Assessment that categorizes how an organization uses Task Design, Coordination/ Control, Information Systems and Incentives (cf. Burton et al., pp. 165-207). Do your analysis from 5123_minor3.worksheet.xlsx and use the tables from 5123_design.tables.docx as needed. This is the third part of an internal organization design audit for your selected organization, which follows the pattern of the previous two, with:
Background: Revise this section from your Minor 2 paper to mention what this report covers.
Assessment: Add another 5 sub-headers that cover Burton's steps of structure, process and people, namely: Task Design, People, Leadership, Coordination/Control, and Information Systems onto your 7 previous sub-headers (you created in Minor 1 & 2). Use the appropriate Excel worksheet to score these sub-systems. Using Burton's diagnostic questions and his quadrants, offer a current assessment of these sub-systems.
Recommendations: Update the organization's current configuration (cf. Table 9.1, p. 184) to include the structure, process and people systems. Recognize fits and raise any questions about possible misfits, along with actions for consideration to improve coordination, control and information systems.


Strategic and Structural Assessment
In part 2 of the previous report there is emphasis different organization design components including the configuration, organizational complexity, geographic distribution, knowledge exchange, the task design, people, leadership style and climate. In the step-by-step approach, to the design process the coordination and control step includes the information systems and incentives. The evaluation further focuses on the different aspects of the structure, process and people, as this improves the organizational performance (Scott & Davis, 2015). Proper functioning processes and systems are critical to the success of the organizations as even well-functioning people cannot perform in badly functioning systems.
After designing the people-based system one of the ways to support the organization structure is to focus on coordination and control of the information systems (Burton, DeSanctis & Obel, 2011). This helps to link the various components of the organization and integration. Both decentralization and formalization are high in coordination and control, and this is in the clan or mosaic quadrant. The decentralization score was 3.8 while the formalization score was 4.2, and both components indicate that the organization values conforming to norms. According to (Burton, DeSanctis & Obel, 2011), the success of the clan depends on whether the leader can communicate the strong norms and values that highlight how work is accomplished. There is emphasis on training the employees who understand the norms well.
Decentralization Formalization Decisions managed by sub-units
Rules, codes, policies govern workOperations left to level managers 44Precise job descriptionsSubunits establish their budgets44Expectations on what is correctSubunits set evaluation specs34Penalties for violating rulesSubunits handle work exceptions44Employees monitoredHorizonal AxisAvg Score3.84.2Vertical AxisAvg Score
Information Systems
The two components of the information systems are the tacit nature of information and the amount of information. Tacit nature of information 3.8 out of a possible 5 and the amount of information is 3.3 and this is also high. Like people, the information system has a capacity to process the information. There is high demand for information at the organization, but this is mostly implied and there is a need for a well designed database to address the data and people driv

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