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Evaluating Hat Program in DRC (Congo) Nursing Book Report (Book Report Sample)


Evaluation PAPER of Successful, Evidence-Based Public Health Program that
Addresses Human Trypanosomiasis (HAT) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
1) Students will select a health program for evaluation
education, treatment, prevention, screening, diagnostic, prevention program
or any effective similar type of program) that has been performed in the Dem. republic of Congo target area.
This program must have already been successfully implemented,
had successful outcomes, and have been published in the peer-reviewed literature.
Students will perform a critical analysis of selected health program.
PAPER should be at least 3-5 pages.


Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Evaluating Hat Program in DRC (Congo)
In the peered reviewed article; “The effectiveness of active population screening and treatment for sleeping sickness control in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Robays, Bilengue, Stuyft, & Boelaert (2012), covers an effective screening and treatment program that was successfully implemented to eradicate Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thus, the evaluation of the program is structured in the form of summary of the program, which include the input, output and outcome analysis and critical analysis part.
To begin with the background of the situation that compelled to the adoption of the screening and treatment program, the stakeholders of the program used a mass screening, with the Card Agglutination Test Trypanosomes (CATT) approach. In particular, the report by Robays, Bilengue, Stuyft, & Boelaert (2012) examines the contribution of the CATT program and a more advanced parasitological validation to the effectiveness of screening and treatment of HAT. Concisely, the efficiency and outcome of the screening and treatment program is measured by the percentage change of HAT cases that is effectively cured after a single round of screening. The program implementation can be evaluated through five distinctive phases, which comprises of; the attendance at the screening, the sensitivity of the screening procedure, the sensitivity of the parasitological confirmation, the proportion of the confirmed cases that effectively receive treatment as well as he cure rate of the treatment (Robays, Bilengue, Stuyft, & Boelaert, 2012). Through the use of simplified techniques and concepts that measures the rate of the infected persons that went through each stages, it is possible to explain the parameters of the program using the data collected between 1998 to 2002 and 2003 to 2012. From the comparisons of the data between the two times periods, it revealed that CATT program was effective in eradicating the HAT pandemic in DRC (Robays, Bilengue, Stuyft, & Boelaert, 2012).
CATT Plan Steps
933450122555Persons with Human African Trypanosomiasis00Persons with Human African Trypanosomiasis
center12065Attending the Active Screening00Attending the Active Screening
center95885Detected by the Screening Test0Detected by the Screening Test
center13970Parasitologically confirmed0Parasitologically confirmed
210439078740Completing Treatment0Completing Treatment
23609306350Gets Cured 0Gets Cured
To validate the program effectiveness, the data was sourced from the national sleeping sickness control programmed of DRC; Bureau Central de Trypanosomiasis (BCT) by a team of mobile researchers (Robays, Bilengue, Stuyft, & Boelaert, 2012). This information was useful in measuring the cure rates and estimates of the sensitivity of screening and confirmatory tests reported (Robays, Bilengue, Stuyft, & Boelaert, 2012). For example, attendance rate between the infected and the non-infected population was carried out through a census population in every affected village. The attendance rate of was determined by comparing the proportionate of the population who attended the screening as per the villages. The program marked huge impact according to the mean attendance rate...
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