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Cumes-South African Indigenous Healing (Book Report Sample)


Required course readings serve several functions. The articles and course text offer case studies that allow students to build a meaningful understanding of Medical Anthropology. We may not agree with all the contents of the readings, but they will serve as a basis of class discussion to build our conceptual understandings and practical applications about the field of Medical Anthropology. Also, the readings allow us to gain a culturally relativistic perspective!!
Thus, thee goal of a Reading Report is to summarize ONE article that you have read (in attached) and to expand upon what you have learned. Keep in mind that the main purposes of the reading reports assignment are to:
* Develop our awareness about the issues involved in the human health experience, related to the class topic covered for that week 
* Develop our insights to help explain the influence that shape the human health experience
Reading Reports
The Reading Reports should include:
I. A summary the assigned reading, which includes:
A statement about the main issue(s) addressed in the article.
A brief statement about each of the main points covered in the reading (key concepts, findings, etc.).
A brief review of the conclusions.
II. Context of readings: Explain why/ how you think this article relates to the weekly class topic.
III. Applied Case Study: Find another article (online) that relates to the culture or to the system of care addressed in your summary. Quickly address how the course reading and your chosen article relate to one another. Address if the article you have chosen supports or refutes the claims made in the original article.
An excellent report should demonstrate that you read and understood the course materials and that you can apply new insights to course issues. The paper should be 2-3 pages in length (double spaced and 1 inch margins with font size 12), MLA/ APA format and follow all formal writing requirements.


Medical Anthropology
University Affiliation
Medical Anthropology
Indigenous healing is the oldest form of a structured method of treatment. It is based on a set of principles by which it is practiced. An article by David Cumes gives a culturally relativistic perspective on South African indigenous healing (Cumes, 2013). The article explains how the process works. The healing process is done by people called sangomas or inyangas who can either be men or women. They are seen as the healers, priest, and prophets among the Bantu communities. The individual's knowledge is transmitted orally from one generation to another and their ability are hereditary or bestowed by the spirit world. The calling may arise because of deformity, disability, illness or even psychosis. The suffering of the healer ensures they develop empathy for other people's suffering.
The articles mainly address on diagnostic methods, the medicine used and causes of illness. The healers can gain knowledge to a problem by spirit possession, divining bones, and dreams. The indigenous healers through ancestors' spirit give an understanding of problems through possession. The spirits may be dead ancestors to a family of foreign spirits in the realm and act as mediators between the living and supernatural beings. The healers translate messages from cosmic realms by reading bones and interpreting dreams. The Africa...
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