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SWOT ANALYSIS (Book Report Sample)

A SWOT analysis on Hershey Park (Theme Park in Hershey Pennsylvania) and a SWOT analysis on Disneyland located in California. Each of the four areas: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats should have both an itemized listing and a description (using paragraphs) to explain the items listed. For example, if you list "location" as a strength of Mo's Barbecue on I-45 and Richey Road, you would need to include a paragraph explaining why this location is a strength (i.e. The shopping center at that intersection has been renovated in recent years and includes several draws to traffic including ....") source..
SWOT ANALYSIS Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (13, September, 2010) SWOT Analysis Introduction SWOT analysis is a planning strategy used in managerial organizations. It evaluates the environmental factors and addresses the organizations strengths (S), weaknesses W) opportunities (O) and threats (T). The factors can be categorized as external, (opportunities and threats) and internals (strengths and weaknesses). A company’s strengths are the unique resources and capabilities that give the company a competitive advantage over its competitors. Weaknesses are those negative issues that the company has not yet used for the benefit of earning profit. These maybe the absences of the strong points and are viewed as weaknesses. There are certain opportunities for growth or expansion that maybe found in the environment. These opportunities will assist in achieving the desired objective for the organization. SWOT Analysis Hershey Park Hershey Park is part of the Hershey entertainment and hospitality industries. It is a privately owned company, which was started in 1927 by Milton S Hershey (Hershey PA website, 2010). The business consists of an amusement park, a wonderland, hotels, resorts and lodges among others. In the food industry is the chocolate, candy, among other food items. Strengths Hershey park prides itself with a large diversity of employees thus diversity in product innovations. The business has the advantage of having entertainment and hotels which means that they compliment each other. The business practices safe, quality, honesty operations. The company offers discounts to the customers who have a wide range of choices to select from. To cater for its diverse customers, the company has designated area where smokers can go to puff their cigarettes. In addition to this there are considerations and special arrangements that have been made for people with disabilities. The company has generous discounts for its customers plus special discounts are offered for the military on special occasions (Disney, 2010). Hershey has taken advantage of the advanced technology and ensured that tickets to the park are available online. This seems a convenient way for the busy customers. We...
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