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Negotiate Like A Phoenician By Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolas (Book Report Sample)


hi i need to wirte about the book NEGOTIATE LIKE A PHOENICIAN by DR. HABIB CHAMOUN-NICOLAS, i need to wirte 3 take aways i got from reading this book, example 3 things i learn from reading it and how can i apply them to my personal life. or how did i already apply it. PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU NEED SOMETHING 832-459-0634


Book Report: Negotiate like a Phoenician
Negotiate Like A Phoenician By Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolas
In this book, ˜Negotiate Like A Phoenicianâ By Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolas, Dr. Chamoun has come up with business and negotiation development activities in different sectors including commercial, institutional and industrial sectors for the marketing and sales of products and services. Through this approach, Dr. Chamoun has managed to train thousands of government and business professionals on a business development approach on negotiation and sales through conducting research on how the Mexicans negotiate. Through the use of the Hebrew scriptures, he offers negotiating texts that come from the Phoenician business model. By the use of ‘TradeablesTM;, Dr. Chamoun comes up with ways in which the ancient wisdom applies in a range of contemporary business from diverse settings.
The Phoenicians are believed to be the only civilians who conquered the ancient world economically without a war according to Dr. Chamoun. They did this through peaceful negotiation with their enemies from different religion and ...
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