200 Most Commonly Accepted Problem And Solution Essay Topics

If you are working on a problem solutions essay, you might find it the most exciting attempt. The first thing to nail down for writing a captivating essay is selecting a topic. Make sure you make inviting for the readers. How do you do that? Take inspiration from the amazing problem and solution essay topics in this guide. Let’s get started!

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common problem solution essay topics

Problem Solution Essay Topics For College Students

Below is the problem solution essay topics for college students:

Good Problem Solution Essay Topics

Here are a few shortlisted problem solution essay topic ideas you can take inspiration from:

  • How to limit the effects of video games on a child’s lifestyle?
  • Should parents be held responsible for their child’s unhealthy lifestyle? What can be done to prevent this problem?
  • How can families help in promoting a positive body image among kids?
  • How the syndrome of multitasking is affecting relationships?
  • How can the spread of the Corona Virus be controlled?
  • What measured to take to eliminate the texting while driving problem?
  • How to encourage people to shift towards public transport?
  • List down some of the worst traffic violations? What are some effective prevention remedies?
  • How to help a depressed patient?
  • How can you start blogging in 2021?
  • How can you multitask without compromising the quality of your performance?
  • Is shifting career paths in middle age possible? What can be done?
  • What can you do to remove the misconceptions regarding the feminist movement?
Problem and Solution Essay Writing Tip #1
Problem and Solution Essay Writing Tip #1

Problem Solution Essay Topics About Society

Here are some problem solution essay topics about the society you can work with:

  • What are the most effective ways to prevent drunk driving accidents?
  • How can children in broken families be helped to lead a normal life?
  • How can divorce be prevented?
  • How can illegal immigration be dealt with?
  • How can prisoners be rehabilitated to become productive members of society?
  • The role of society in improving literacy
  • What can we do to reduce childhood obesity and promote healthy habits among them?
  • How is it possible to minimize the effects of smoking?
  • What are some ways to reduce unemployment?
  • How can people escape generational slavery?
  • How can you make your city more pedestrian-friendly?
  • What can be done to eliminate religious differences from society?
  • How to discourage teenage pregnancy?
  • How to maintain a healthy BMI?
  • What to do to help teenage drug addicts?
  • How to tackle the side effects of Corona vaccination?

Problem Solution Essay Topics Related To Business

It is a great category to choose from. Let’s take a look at some inspiring problem and solution essay topics:

Problem and Solution Essay Writing Tip #2
Problem and Solution Essay Writing Tip #2

Environmental Problem Solution Essay Topics

Working on environmental essays can be an excellent way to learn valuable tips for making the Earth a little better. Below listed are some amazing problem and solving essay topics that you can work with:

  • How is air pollution contributing to global warming? How can you avoid it?
  • How can you improve the interconnection of human health and the natural environment?
  • What are some of the leading causes of environmental degradation? What role can you play?
  • Women’s rights and environmental protection.
  • What can be the benefits of imposing pollution caps on factories?
  • Dams become the reason for many environmental problems. How can these be curbed?
  • Environmental impacts of deforestation.
  • What needs to be done for securing sustainable energy resources?
  • Why are food resources depleting all around the world? How can this be slowed down?
  • Global and environmental health.
  • How is it justifiable to say that fossil fuels, oil, coal, nuclear power, and natural gas are destroying our environment? What are some practical solutions?
  • Environmental wellness.
  • How are humans accelerating climate change globally?
  • Measures that can be taken to prevent resource scarcity?
  • What can the government do to eliminate the dependence on non-renewable sources of energy?
  • The management of an environmental pollutant.
  • How can recycling solve environmental issues? How can you make this practice a habit?
  • What makes cheap products worth it was given the environmental costs that come with it?
  • How can hybrid cars make a difference in saving our environment?
  • How to speed up the recovery process following oil spillages in the oceans?
  • What are the effects of mass shootings on the environment?

Problem Solution Essay Topics For Elementary School

Not sure what topic to choose for your elementary school essay? Find a good topic for the problem solution essay below:

  • How can sports help in improving your health?
  • How to deal with family issues?
  • Do you feel alone all of the time? What can be done to help?
  • How can studying maths help in becoming a successful businessman?
  • How to treat your class-fellows with respect?
  • How can you save money? Why is it a good habit?
  • What can you do to improve your grades?
  • Is your teacher treating you unfairly? What to do in such a case?
  • Why is junk food bad for health? How can you enjoy home-cooked meals?
  • How to make good friends in school?
  • What can you do to keep your school tidy?
  • Why is bullying a bad trait? How can you stop it?
Problem and Solution Essay Writing Tip #1
Problem and Solution Essay Writing Tip #3

Problem Solution Essay Topics For Middle School

You can use the shortlisted topics for the solution essay mentioned below, or feel free to do your research.

  • We are ending the private vs public school debate for once. What factors to consider while making your pick?
  • How can global warming be slowed down?
  • What can be done to prevent feeling lonely in a school environment?
  • How can you manage sports with studying?
  • Why should phones be permissible in schools?
  • What are the benefits of uniforms? How can banning them help the institution?
  • Should students get the complete freedom of selecting the subjects to study?
  • What school rules should be mended? How will it help?
  • Is sitting with your friend in class a good idea? How does it help?
  • The role of self-defense class for a better future
  • Why is basketball better than any other sport?

Problem Solution Essay Topics For High School

The topics below will make the process of writing the proposal essay way easier. What are you waiting for?

  • List down some effective ways to eliminate stereotypes in society?
  • The significance of work experience with education. What can you do right now?
  • How can high school friendships last a lifetime?
  • How to reduce the number of teen suicides?
  • Should you take a student loan? What are other alternatives?
  • How can students successfully meet their academic expenses on their own?
  • Time management is an art. How to master it?
  • Is educating children an effective way to solve social issues?
  • What is a must to be included in a health class curriculum?
  • How can students manage their academic performances while going through a parental divorce?
  • What are some best ways to relieve stress?
  • The role of education in preventing DUI deaths?
  • How can helping homeless people reduce the crime rate in a country?

Health Problem Solution Essay Topics

Extended essays on health problems can be a bit intimidating. Choose from the wide array of topics below to help you get started.

  • How can doctors make the patients participating in a clinical trial more comfortable?
  • How to encourage people for participating in clinical trials?
  • What educational programs can best prevent children from growing up unhealthy?
  • What is the link between poverty and health issues in a country? What can be done to improve the situation?
  • Can parents be held responsible for a child’s suicidal behavior? How to prevent this from the start?
  • How can we provide terminally ill people with a satisfying end-of-life experience?
  • What are the root causes of childhood pregnancy? How to discourage these practices?
  • How can UTIs be avoided?
  • Should sex-ed classes be made mandatory in schools?
  • How to increase awareness about breast cancer among young ladies?
  • How can health care become accessible to all?
  • What can heighten the chances of STDs? How can this be prevented?
  • How can people be encouraged for going to routine medical checkups?
Problem and Solution Essay Writing Tip #4
Problem and Solution Essay Writing Tip #4

Problem/Solution Essay Topics About Technology

The list below will provide you potential ideas for your problem and solution essay topic:

  • How can AI revolutionize digital marketing?
  • How can cyberbullying be prevented?
  • How is communication being changed with the development of the latest technology? How can you keep up?
  • What would your life be like without modern technology? Think up ways you can be less dependent on technology?
  • How can you prevent your child from becoming addicted to smartphones?
  • How is technology helping us to solve social problems?
  • How can social media create social problems in a country? What to do about it?
  • What do you think are the implications of globalization on the global economy? What are you doing about it?
  • What is the solution for the frustrating glitches with technology changing so quickly?
  • Why is genetically engineering your child morally wrong?
  • How can education become more effective in times of Corona and online classes?
  • How can cheating be prevented during online examinations?
  • How can digital tools make us more productive?

Problem Solution Essay Topics About Animals

Writing a problem solution for your essay? Animals make an interesting pick. You can choose from the options below:

  • How can you put an end to animal extinction?
  • If you are thinking of keeping a pet, which one is the best to get?
  • How can pets help in releasing stress?
  • Why is adopting a pet from a shelter a better option than buying one?
  • Is it okay to keep wild animals in your home as a pet?
  • Which kind of animals can be used for experimentation, and how can you justify it?
  • How can you prevent the ill consequences that will follow with the extinction of endangered species?
  • How can we reduce water pollution to save aquatic life?
  • What is the impact of human life on wildlife? How can it be altered to make this world a better place?
  • How can veterinary care become more affordable for everyone?
  • How to say no to business ventures involved in animal testing?
  • Should animals have more rights? How can this be implemented?
  • How will deforestation affect the ecology? What can government do to stop this?

Funny Problem Solution Essay Topics

Making your essay humorous is a great way to engross the readers. Below are a few smart topics you can work on:

  • Why should your family eat dessert first?
  • Why does your grandmother need the latest iPhone?
  • How is getting your phone stolen a good thing?
  • Why should you have been the only child? What can I do now?
  • Why should spam mails be your favourite type of email?
  • Why does your girlfriend always complain? How to make it better?
  • How would I change the world if I became president for one day?
  • Why are the least attention-paying students in the class the smartest?
  • How to tell your wife her cooking sucks without hurting her feelings?
  • Why do I always find serious situations funny? What can I do to stop?
  • Why can I not stop laughing once I start? How to stop being weird?
  • I do not use my phone while texting. Am I normal?

Persuasive Problem Solution Essay Topics

Choose a topic suggested below to craft the best persuasive problem essay ever!

  • Should wealthy people have to pay more taxes? How will it benefit the economy and society?
  • How ethical is capital punishment? How can it benefit the crime situation in a country?
  • Are drunk drivers being punished appropriately around the world? If not, what is the solution?
  • Should live filming of concerts be banned for a better experience?
  • What is the best music genre to listen to when you feel low? How does it benefit you?
  • Is it more fun to eat in a restaurant than at home? How can you change that?
  • Should children be made to do their chores from an early age? How can this change their lifestyle?
  • How is it better to snack all day instead of having three big meals?
  • Overconfidence killed the cat. How to stay grounded?
  • Young-age marriages should be promoted to reduce social issues like teenage pregnancies. How can this help? What are other ways of going about it?
  • Spreading body positivity is a great way to boost self-esteem among youth. How can you practice it?

Problem Solution Essay Topics In Education

Are you looking for good topics for your essay? You are in the right place.

  • Why should class attendance be made optional?
  • Students should be allowed to add their teachers on Facebook. How will that be helpful?
  • Why is it important to learn about civil wars?
  • How can education be made accessible to all?
  • Should age be a restricting factor for joining the school?
  • Why is a Master’s better than a Ph.D.?
  • How can you keep learning even when you are out of school?
  • How can teamwork be promoted in educational institutions?
  • What can an institution do to prevent racism?
  • How do make boring subjects exciting for students?

Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics

Everything will be easy with our top recommendations. Let’s have a look.

  • Why is it unfair to say that global warming is overrated?
  • How is organic food better and not just a marketing gimmick?
  • Why is the first impression of a person never right? How to stop making judgments?
  • How can copying from your competitor be a smart move?
  • Why should all energy drinks be banned?
  • How can redistribution of wealth eradicate poverty?
  • How can child labor be prevented in your country?
  • How can you make your marriage work?
  • What can you do to lose weight healthily?

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