The Top Proposal Essay Topics for 2021

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

A good proposal essay suggests an idea or ideas solve a problem and persuade the reader to adopt that idea. This type of essay writing needs considerable research regarding the topic. You have to select a topic, which is compatible with your interest and spirit. Below are given several interesting proposal essay topics on different categories to lead you to an A+ in the examination.

😎 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

As a beginner, you need exciting topics to write a good proposal essay. See the best chosen exciting topics for a proposal essay here:

  • How Can We Collectively Help To Slow Down Global Warming?
  • How To Save Australian Woods From The Fire?
  • How Can Parents Save Their Children From Cyberbullying?
  • How To Minimize The Issue Of Racism In Schools?
  • Cybersecurity in Healthcare.
  • The Steps Government Can Take To Reduce Poverty And Health Issues In Ghettos Of New York.
  • How To Save People From Falling Into Psychological Problems Due To Covid-19?
  • Retail Store Major Project Proposal.
  • The Most Cost-Effective Way To Improve The Education System.
  • How To Bridge The Class Differences Caused By Technological Developments?
  • How Can We End Land Degradation?
Proposal Essay Writing: Tip 1

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ Proposal Essay Ideas for College Students

The college students look for the most accessible proposal essay topics with broad scope to search about. Below are given the most suitable suggestions as per their mental capacity.

  • How Can Government Support Musicians Through Annual Funding?
  • How To Improve Orphanages In Developing Countries?
  • How To Persuade Your Reader Through An Argumentative Essay?
  • A Few Steps To Take To Make Online Shopping Safer.
  • How To Improve Hygiene In Slums And Ghettos Of Industrial Cities?
  • How To Minimize The Terror Of Death In Post-Pandemic Generations?
  • The Best Solution To Save Your Children From Peer Pressure In School.
  • How To Save The Man In The Street From The Rising Horror Of Dog Biting In Developing Countries?

πŸ—£οΈ Proposal Argument Essay Topics

If you are looking for argument proposal essay ideas, consider the list:

  • The Benefits Of Intercultural Marriages In The USA.
  • The Best Science Fiction-Based Movie Of The 21st Century.
  • The Best Inspirational Personalities For Current Youth From Ancient History.
  • An Overview Of The Life And Career Of Toni Morrison As The Most Influential Black Writer.
  • Racism In Workplaces.
  • The Side Effects Of The Uncontrollable Craze For Social Media Sites In The Young Generation.
  • The Worst Side Technological Era.
  • An Analysis Of Street Crimes In The USA.
  • The Importance Of Career Building For Women.
  • The Advantages Of Living Close To Nature.
  • An Overview Of American Political History.
  • How To Avoid Miscalculation With Customer’S Rights In Businesses?
  • How To Minimize The Negative Impacts Of Makeup By Using Quality Cleansers At Night?
  • How Can Teachers Create An Environment Of Psychological Understanding Between Students And Them?
  • How A Quality Mattress Helps In Relieving Joint Pain?
  • The Best Solution To Decrease The Fashion Obsession Among Teens.
  • How To Make People Behave Rationally In The Time Of Social Crisis?
  • The Ways To Make The Nursing Career More Reliable And Attractive For Women?
  • How To Make Classical Literature More Magnetic For High School Students?
  • How To Make Religious Education More Advantageous And Hazard-Free In Schools?
Proposal Essay Writing: Tip 2

πŸ§ͺ Topics for Proposal Essays on Science

Below are given the most controversial science topics for proposal essays:

  • How To Understand Coronavirus Vaccine Work?
  • Nursing Change Proposal Example.
  • How Can Robots Extend The Profit And Reputation Of Restaurants?
  • Human-Friendly Adventures Of Discovering Water Presence On Mars.
  • The Most Suitable Places To Grow Creepers.
  • Informatics Solution Proposal: Areas of Evaluation.
  • The Primary Cause Of Rising Temperature And Heavy Rains In Different Parts Of The World.
  • The Frequent Use Of Aspirin And Subsequent Health Outcomes.
  • The Fundamental Ideas In The Controversy Regarding The Solar System.
  • The Negative Impact Of Solar Activity On Health.

🚸 A Modest Proposal Essay Topic

Although it is difficult to find modest proposal essay topics, here you can find a number of them to select from:

  • How To Save The Poor Irish Children From Merciless Butchering And Selling?
  • The Ideas To Make The Criminal Justice System Equal For All.
  • The Most Practical Way To Save Lives In The Intense Heat Of Death Valley, California.
  • The Most Reliable Account Of Adventure To Solve The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle.
  • The Ways To Overcome The Rising Threat Of Water Pollution.
  • How To Decrease The Epidemic Of High Blood Pressure, Asthma, And Diabetes From The Backward Parts Of New York?
  • How To Make Educators More Responsible In Schools?

✨ Easy and Good Proposal Essay Topics

If you are looking for some good proposal essay topics for college students, which are also more accessible, check the list:

  • How To Minimize The Threat Of Car Theft?
  • The Ways To Maintain Skin During Frequent Sun Exposures.
  • The Ways To Make Your Social Media Privacy Safer.
  • How To Make Your Spiritually Peaceful?
  • The Ways To Create Cleanliness And Harmony In Government Hospitals.
  • The Most Cost-Efficient Way To Tackle Anxiety And Depression Without Medication.
  • The Best Solution To The Rising Problem Of Cyber Insecurity.
  • How Dance And Workouts Can Fight Off The Sign Of Aging And Relevant Diseases?
  • How To Maintain Your Garden In The Rainy Season?
  • The Ways To Make Your Diet Healthier While Suffering From Diabetes.
Proposal Essay Writing: Tip 3

πŸ‘” Business Proposal Essay Topics

Your professor has assigned you a business proposal essay, and you are looking for the best and easiest topics? Fret not! Check out the most inclusive business proposal essay topics list:

  • How Can Businesses Build Mutual Trust?
  • The Ways To Revive After Significant Setbacks In Business.
  • Intangible Benefits of Investment Proposals.
  • How Can Paid Internships Prove A Big Help In The Crisis Of Unemployment?
  • How To Design A Reward System For Young Workers In Today’s Companies?
  • How To Decrease Unemployment In Lockdown?
  • How To Motivate Workers During The Economic Crisis?
  • Providing Teens With Jobs Can Be Beneficial For A Country At Both National And International Levels.
  • How Can Small Businesses Flourish Through The Small Contributions Of Workers?

🏫 Education Proposal Essay Topics

When you write the best proposal essay and look for education topics, you will see them in plenty. The list given below has the most controversial and exciting education topics that you will find unique.

  • The Necessity Of Standard Educational TV Shows To Save Kids From The Attraction Of Technology.
  • How To Make The Poor Students Feel More Confident At School.
  • How To Create More Confidence Among The Students Through Sports And Recreations?
  • The Role Of Recess In Refreshing The Minds Of Students And Teachers.
  • How To Improve Teaching Methods In Elementary Schools?
  • The Need To Reform The Grading System To Measure A Student’S Mental Capability.
  • How To Stop Obsession Among Students Through Education?
  • The Ways To Set A Friendly Atmosphere In Educational Institutes To Let The Students Question Freely.
  • How To Make Students Aware Of The Importance Of Time Management?

🐍 Proposal Essay Topics about Animals

While writing a research proposal essay, your instructor may ask you to choose a topic around animals. So, below are given the most fascinating animal proposal essay topics.

  • How To Create Awareness Among Citizens To Protect Animal Rights?
  • The Best Alternative Ways To Organize Animals In Zoos In Cages.
  • The Importance Of World Animal Day For A Better Understanding Among Ignorant People.
  • How To Save Animals From Global Warming?
  • How To Make Pets Safer Through Vaccination?
  • How To Spot Illegitimate Pet Trading?

🧘 Proposal Essay Topics about Psychology

Check the list of proposal essay topics about psychology to performing best in your assignments:

  • How To Reduce The Negative Impact Of Social Media On The Self-Esteem Of A Growing Child?
  • The Best Solution To Make People Feel Less Anxious.
  • How To Develop Confidence In Children To Discuss Their Problems With Their Family Without Reluctance?
  • The Best Idea To Reduce Stress And Depression In Disabled People.
  • The Psychological Solution To Root Out The Primary Causes Of Street Crimes.
  • How To Improve The Quality Of Parenting To Make Children Psychologically Healthy?
  • How To Make Relationships More Reliable To Lead A Happy Life?
Proposal Essay Writing: Tip 4

πŸ’΅ Government Proposal Topics

Check out the list of the best government proposal topics.

  • The Actions Government Can Take To Control Religious And Racial Protests.
  • A Policy Proposal as a Guest Editorial.
  • The Inevitability Of The Implementation Of Civil Bills To Seize And Punish Cybercriminals.
  • The Participation Of Government In Making Criminal Justice Law Equal For All.
  • How Civil Authorities Can Make Racial Discrimination Less Pronounced In Workplaces.
  • How Politicians Can Make Immigration And Detention Policies Less Inhumane?
  • The Best Actions Government Can Take To Make People Safe And Economically Confident At Homes During Pandemics.

πŸ“š Proposal Essay Topics on English Literature

Here is a list of the most intriguing English literature proposal essay topics.

  • The Most Important And Influential Symbols In The Great Gatsby.
  • The Most Impactful Historical Writings From The Eighteenth Century.
  • The Theme Of Gender Bias In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin.
  • The Use Of Satire In The Beer By Anton Chekov
  • The Portrayal Of Colonialism As A Character In African Novels In The Second Half Of The Twentieth Century
  • How Oedipus By Sophocles Is The Best Tragic Hero In English Literature?
  • The Impact Of Wars On The Post-War Literature In The 20th Century.
  • The Role Of Female Characters In Othello By Shakespeare.

πŸ… Proposal Essay Topics About Sports

Below are given the most attention-grabbing and comprehensive proposal essay topics for sports:

  • How To Spot Drug Addiction Among College Athletes?
  • The Ways Sports Can Help Students Perform Better In Schools.
  • How To Control Racial Prejudice Among The Players Of International Sports?
  • How To Set International Sports To Contest A Message Of Peace Instead Of Conflict?
  • How To Teach The Importance Of Health Maintenance Among Athletes?
  • How To Create The Spirit Of Teamwork Among College Players?
  • How To Create Awareness Among Students About Potential Injuries Before Big Contests?


Finally, be quick to select the topic ideas for your proposal essay to save time. The topics given above are attractive as well as controversial. Thereby, you can find a great deal of information about them on the internet. All of them are equally exciting and easy, so you can pick up whatever appeals to you. In all cases, you are going to get A+ in the examination.

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