175 Best Argumentative Essay Topics: Fresh Title Ideas

Best Argumentative Essay Topics

Whether you like it or not, you will have to write an argumentative essay at one point in your life. Schools include this in the curriculum as it develops the students’ writing, critical thinking, and reasoning skills. To produce a well-written output, choosing a good argumentative essay topic is very crucial. Whatever you select will direct your following actions. If you are not familiar with it, you may need to work on another one, which is time-consuming.

Despite having many good topics to write an argumentative essay on, you can still feel lost nevertheless. There are many issues on technology, mental health, history, and art, which might capture your interest. You should maximize your prior knowledge and internet resources to finish your work. In this article, you can see a wide range of argument essay topics.

👍 Good Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

  • Is reading e-books better than reading paper ones?
  • Will the death penalty be effective in lowering crime rates?
  • Should rich people help the poor?
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Is a highly competitive environment suitable for students or employees?
  • Should all subjects be optional in high school?
  • Are standardized tests an effective way to assess someone’s knowledge?
  • Does the education system prepare students for real-world life?

😎 Best Argumentative Essay Topics

  • At what age should parents introduce gadgets to their children?
  • Should content on the internet be more regulated and restricted?
  • If a child doesn’t like to study, is it acceptable to force him or her?
  • Should guns be allowed in the United States?
  • What is the best time for schools to start?
  • Should people take tests before becoming parents?
  • How should parents teach their children about gender orientations?
  • Should students be provided with free mental therapy?

💭 Interesting Argumentative Essay Titles

Because you want to impress your teacher, you want to answer a thought-provoking question. While doing this is undoubtedly laudable, you still have to choose something you find interesting. It is not easy to produce an output if you don’t like the subject. It will cost you a significant amount of time and effort. Besides, you are likely to submit a poorly-written paper. To address this concern, below are some interesting topics for an argument essay.

  • Are women more emotional and sensitive than men?
  • Is it fair that people who have no special skills or good educational background get rich and famous through social media?
  • Can humanity continue progressing without the internet?
  • Should vaccinations be mandatory for children?
  • Should teachers be allowed to socialize with students after school and outside school?
  • Will electronic money ever replace paper money?
  • Is it moral to refuse to save someone’s life if yours is at risk too?
  • Should children learn and practice housekeeping skills at school?

😆 Funny Argumentative Essay Title Ideas

  • Should countries implement “one-car-per-family” policies?
  • Are conflicts needed to sustain and create healthy relationships?
  • Will equal redistribution of wealth eradicate poverty?
  • Should the use of smartphones be encouraged in class?
  • Why should you have been your parents’ only child?
  • Are athletes role models?
  • Does being homeless help improve a person’s financial status?

🎓 College Argumentative Essay Topics

College students may use all the topics in this article because they already have exposure to most of them. However, what differentiates college-level papers is the depth of the argument and analysis. Knowing this changes the course of your writing process.

Listed below are college-level argumentative essay topics that you can use to impress your professor. Be sure to develop concrete and coherent ideas, accompanied by citations and supporting details.

📜 American History Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Was it a right move for the US to be involved in the Vietnam War?
  • Did the status of African-Americans change after the Civil War?
  • Causes of the American Revolution
  • Should women serve in combat positions in the military?
  • Did the framers represent the American people in making the US Constitution?
  • Did the United States provoke the Mexican War?
  • The results of The American-Mexican war
  • Could the 9/11 attacks have been prevented?
  • Was the contribution of women during the Civil War significant?

👌 Easy Argument Essay Topics

  • Should smoking be banned in public places and establishments?
  • Do primary school students need to have homework?
  • Is excessive exposure to the internet ruining childhood?
  • What influences children and teenagers to become content creators?
  • Should online gaming be considered a sport?
  • Are cross-cultural marriages creating racial tolerance?
  • Does being a vegan help the environment?

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Argumentative Essay Topics On Immigration

  • Is it unethical to deny benefits to illegal immigrants?
  • Should illegal immigrants be given access to public school education?
  • Does the process of legalizing illegal immigrants reduce crime and terrorism?
  • Should the UN provide help for the citizens from warring countries to reduce illegal immigration?
  • Are the current immigration policies unfair toward its citizens?
  • Is deportation the best solution for illegal immigration?
  • Should European countries be worried about the current immigration rates?

🤔 Argumentative Philosophy Essay Topics

Several questions found on this list of argumentative essay topics are philosophical. As humans, we have many questions on reality and human existence, which fall under philosophy. If you are inclined with this discipline and want to express your opinions, choose from the questions below.

  • Are people naturally good or evil?
  • Is being honest always the right thing to do?
  • Do the ends justify the means?
  • Is there a moral duty for humans to take care of the environment?
  • Should everyone have the same perception of right and wrong?
  • Is it ethical to make health decisions with long-term or permanent effects on children?
  • Should the elderly decide whether they will go to a senior care center or their families?

🐵 Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

  • Does keeping animals in zoos more harmful or beneficial to the animals?
  • Should people be given the right to own exotic pets?
  • Is it ethical to test medicines and cures on animals?
  • Should animal testing in cosmetics and skincare be banned?
  • Is euthanizing stray animals considered unethical?
  • Should animals be used for entertainment purposes?
  • Is it agreeable for humans to kill animals for food and survival?

🗳️ Political Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are protests an effective method in influencing the work of the government?
  • Should politicians be cruel or merciful to their constituents?
  • Can countries eliminate corruption?
  • Should social movements affect politics?
  • Are women better government officials than men?
  • Does people’s power influence the government’s policy-making?
  • Should college education be required for candidates running for government positions?

📱 Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

Nowadays, almost everyone has a social media account, and you may be one of the billions who have it. Because of this, people are more connected to one another more than ever. People from different parts of the globe can share their photos and stories with everyone who has access. Also, the number of influencers and content creators is growing every day. Since social media is used worldwide and is highly relevant now, good argument essay topics can come from it.

  • Do social media sites kill productivity?
  • Should social media addiction be considered an illness?
  • Does social media harm real-life communication?
  • Should children and parents be given special training on netiquette?
  • Is social media affecting our perception of democracy?
  • Has social media negatively impacted people’s use of proper spelling and grammar?
  • Would people’s lives be better without social media?

🖤 Argumentative Essay Topics On Racism

  • Can racism be considered a mental illness?
  • Is racism responsible for the lack of social progress in our present time?
  • Does race serve a purpose in society?
  • Can an act of racism be justified?
  • Is the rise of racism related to the hate crimes on African-Americans and Asian-Americans in the US?
  • Was European colonialism the primary reason for the spread of racism?
  • Is the concept of racism acquired from childhood?

🔬 Science Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Do you think that robots will someday replace teachers?
  • Is human activity the primary cause of the climate crisis?
  • Will 3D printing technology take over the factory workers’ jobs?
  • Are E-cigarettes more harmful than regular ones?
  • Is it ethical to clone humans?
  • Should vaccines be required?
  • Are the chemicals used in creating food packaging detrimental to humans?

🌓 2 Sided Argumentative Essay Topics

Topics for argument essays should always be two-sided and refutable by others. If your thesis statement is something that everyone agrees on, it is not argumentative. Therefore, you need to choose a subject that may evoke an agreement or disagreement with another person. But if your school upholds principles different from yours, it would be best to deal with them with caution.

  • Is advertising beneficial in our society?
  • Should women be required to wear less revealing clothes to eliminate catcallers?
  • Are electronic devices harmful to people’s health?
  • Should restaurants be required to put calorie or sugar content on all their menu?
  • Does breastfeeding in a public place pose more harm than good?
  • Should parents allow their teens to undergo cosmetic surgery?
  • Is homeschooling more effective than regular schooling?

👁️‍🗨️ Argumentative Essay Topics On Bullying

In one way or another, you have been part of bullying. Whether you were bullied, the bully, or a witness, you have opinions on this issue. Back then, bullying in schools and the workplace was apparent. But with the rise of technology and social media, cyberbullying has become a more serious issue. People have taken advantage of the privilege of anonymity and proximity to bully and harass others. If you are familiar with this issue, you can select from the questions below. However, be careful not to sound too emotional and subjective in stating your arguments. It would help to stick with facts and credible sources.

  • Should parents be punished if their child bullies other children?
  • Is cyberbullying more traumatizing than physical bullying?
  • Should teachers have access to students’ social media profiles to prevent cyberbullying?
  • Should bullies be punished?
  • Is it right to hurt the bully as an act of defense?
  • Does bullying also exist in the workplace?
  • Can bullying be considered a way to increase a person’s self-esteem?

🇺🇸 Native American Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are Native Americans stereotyped in television and movies?
  • How did the culture of the Native Americans contribute to the current cultures of the US?
  • Did genders play a role in Native America? How?
  • What factors influenced the language of the Natives over the years?
  • Did the Native Americans contribute to the wealth of the Europeans?
  • Should the Native women receive access to reproductive health care?
  • Did the indigenous people need colonizers to help them progress?

👶 Easiest Argumentative Essay Topics

You might want a topic that is not too complicated for you to discuss. It will enable you to share more thoughts based on experiences. Besides, you might be more inspired to write if you are familiar with the subject. The simpler the topic is, the less time you spend working on it. To help you out, below are simple argumentative essay topics you can choose or modify.

  • Should mothers stay home with their children instead of working?
  • Do celebrities and influences have to be role models?
  • Should schools require students to have sex education?
  • Does being an only child better than having siblings?
  • Should parents impose strict screen time limits on their children?
  • Which is more user-friendly, Windows or Mac?
  • Should all citizens be given the right to vote?

⛪ Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion

  • Should the church be separated from the state?
  • Is atheism considered a problem in society?
  • Should the church have a say on capital punishments?
  • Should religious leaders be involved in politics or run for government offices?
  • Is religious affiliation a critical factor in the contemporary world?
  • Should the church legitimize marriages of members of the LGBTQ community?
  • Should churches and religious institutions be required to pay taxes?

🏥 Argumentative Essay Topics on Mental Health

Nowadays, people are becoming more informed about mental health. Although this discipline had existed a long time ago, our society has not been very open about this. So, seeing more people opening up about their concerns, like traumas and depression, is overwhelming. Others might still raise an eyebrow on this issue and neglect its effects. Meanwhile, some people have already embraced their issues and learned to handle them properly. So, whichever side you are on, your opinions matter. The questions listed below can help you brainstorm ideas.

  • Are adopted children as mentally healthy as other children who live with their birth parents?
  • Should the school and parents disclose a child’s mental health concerns to their teachers and classmates?
  • Is mental illness related to genes?
  • Should employees have mental health leaves?
  • Which is better for a child’s mental health: living with both parents who constantly argue or experiencing the aftermath of his or her parents’ divorce?
  • Do video games, movies, or music make people more mentally healthy?
  • Should schools stop giving disciplinary punishments to misbehaving students to cater to their mental health?

👨‍💻 Argumentative Essay Topics On Technology

The discoveries and inventions in contemporary times created good topics for argumentative essays. Because of the rise of technology, humanity is more connected and disconnected at the same time. Whether you think you are tech-savvy or not, you are surrounded by technology. Therefore, you can discuss this in-depth using your experience and internet resources.

  • Is technology making people more intelligent or not?
  • Should the state invest in technologies for space studies?
  • Should genetic engineering or modification be allowed?
  • Does the use of devices or the internet in class beneficial in the teaching-learning process?
  • Can online dating replace real-life dating?
  • Has the internet made people’s lives better or worse?
  • Should the government impose legal consequences for hate speech on the internet?

🍔 Obesity Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is there such thing as the “obesity gene”?
  • Does social media influence obesity rates?
  • Should obese police officers be removed from their positions?
  • Can a tax on sugary drinks lower the growing trend of obesity?
  • Should the government promote activities that prevent obesity?
  • Are the causes of obesity more physical than mental?
  • Should people who are experiencing obesity be encouraged to change their lifestyle or embrace their individuality?

🎙️ Argumentative Essay Topics on Pop Culture

  • Does pop culture promote or denounce gender equality?
  • Is pop culture beneficial or harmful in contemporary times?
  • Should parents be blamed for the negative behaviors of their children who are exposed to pop culture because they allowed them to use smartphones early?
  • Does pop culture cause political apathy?
  • Is pop culture having more negative than positive influences on the students’ life goals?
  • Can traveling be considered pop culture?
  • Does pop culture affect our point of view on romantic relationships?

🎭 Argumentative Essay Topics on Art

Despite the growing number of artists, not all people appreciate art. Some people tend to overlook the importance of arts in society. They tend to question the worth of artists, not knowing that art is all around us. From clothing to buildings, art has become a valuable part of our lives. If you are interested in art, below are some art topics for argumentative essays you can use.

  • Should abstract style be considered a form of art?
  • Does society need art?
  • Is art a good investment?
  • Should everyone learn about art appreciation?
  • Can abstract art be deciphered or interpreted?
  • Does cultural identity influence the creation of art?
  • Should content creators be considered artists?

🕹️ Video Game Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Do violent video games increase a person’s tendencies to bully?
  • Should students be exposed to computer games in today’s society?
  • Are video games responsible for a child’s poor mental health?
  • Do video games create critical thinkers?
  • Should schools offer courses related to video gaming?
  • Is video gaming a possible solution to deal with uninterested or disengaged students?
  • Does early exposure to video games affect children’s to make decisions?

Going through lists of topics to write an argumentative essay is essential in making a decision. Without doing this, you will have to think hard and come up with one on your own. It can take up some time that you could have spent on other activities. Therefore, it would be best if you list down your interests first. Then, go directly to the lists of the specific topics you find interesting and worth writing. May it is on philosophy, politics, or science, you can see vast resources of prompts on the internet. Writing an argumentative essay is challenging. But with the right topic and relevant resources, you can produce excellent output.

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