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I am a person who made words Literature & Language Essay (Article Critique Sample)


I had upload a sample paper you can read and make paper like this. Please make a good introduction.
When you read the sample paper you can see how he explain his name. You can explain my name too. My name is 'sharif' mean innocent . just imaging and write something . thank you


We are all literally “persons made out of words” on a scientific, genetic level since our DNA is a kind of “alphabet soup” forming the chemical vocabulary that arranges who we become in terms of appearance, mindset, mood, etc.. We are also (more figuratively or metaphorically) “made of words” in the sense that all of the verbal inside jokes, love-lessons, tall-tales, and half-meant (and fully-meant) compliments and insults that enter into our psyches via our eyes and ears (and perhaps via our skins and tongue) eventually weave the singular fabric of the people we become.

I have some Native Indian heritage (Lakota Sioux, to be more precise) on the maternal side of my own genetic equation—in the Lakota language, cante mato kecaca means “to sing with the heart of a bear,” which is a proverb that refers to taking pride in being an eloquent, poetic “word-sender.” In certain cultures, the bravest or most warlike man becomes chieftain or tribal leader, but for many Plains Indian groups, the most songlike or verbally artistic man takes the lead. Perhaps this Lakota proverb that compares human speech to a bear’s song indirectly influenced my decision to eventually attend UCLA, home of the “Bruins.”

My heritage also includes German (specifically Bavarian, which I always pronounced as “barbarian” when my tongue was still clumsy and infantile) and Irish (a people known for their knack for wordplay, limericks, and all-night-in-the-tavern yarn-spinning). Maybe my last name, Reder (REE-der) also influenced my personal destiny, since English professors/writers need to be obsessive “readers” to achieve their aims and objectives. My family name (on my paternal side) was “Von Roeder” (which sounds like a bad villain in pointy helmet in a WW1 movie, or the name of baron trying to shoot down Snoopy’s plane) before some culturally semi-literate clerk at the Ellis Island intake center decided to shave off one syllable and one additional letter. To spice (and customize) things up a bit I’ve always spelled my name with a capital letter on the back end as well (“RedeR”) to underscore its palindromic (same backward-and-forward) nature.


I am a Person Who Made Words
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I am a Person Who Made Words
Names have a special meaning in people’s lives. They can imply a lot such as the season one is born, what their parents expect them to become in the future, and the joy they bring. A name can be an inspiration, such as is the case with some biblical names. For example, the name “Emanuel” means “God is with us.” Names comprise vowels and consonants that bring the best out of us. When people call us, they remind us of who we are. Therefore, we are products of words. Names define us figuratively and tell us of our significance.
My name is Sharif, whose origin is Arabic. It means innocent and has undergone some notable transformat

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