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Theater paraphrases for Fuenteovejuna Literature & Language Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


±^10:26 1E15B ME.
Paraphrases v47% BD
u a < >i dal.brightspace.comEDMUND Look, sir, I bleed.
GLOUCESTER Where is the villain, Edmund?
Fled this way, sir, when by no means he could—
Pursue him, ho! Go after. Servants exit. By no means what?
Persuade me to the murder of your Lordship, But that I told him the revenging gods ’Gainst parricides did all the thunder bend, Spoke with how manifold and strong a bond The child was bound to th’ father—sir, in fine,
Seeing how loathly opposite I stood To his unnatural purpose, in fell motion With his prepared sword he charges home My unprovided body, lanced mine arm;
And when he saw my best alarumed spirits, Bold in the quarrel’s right, roused to th’ encounter,
Or whether ghasted by the noise I made,
Full suddenly he fled.E: Look! I’m bleeding! Pay me some attention!
G: Yeah, I see that, Edmund, but WHERE IS HE?
E: He went that way after he couldn’t—
G: After him!
After he couldn’t what?
E: Persuade me to murder you!
I told him the gods would have revenge And send thunder after parent murderers.
I told him there’s no greater bond than the one between parent and child.When he saw that I was so dead-set again his horrible plan, he suddenly charged me with his sword!
I was totally unarmed and innocent.
But when he saw that I raised the alarm,
He ran away like a coward.Think of this exercise as a translation from one kind of English to another. These translations do not have to be exact, but they do need to convey what is actually happening in the scene. The very useful footnotes in your editions should help with words you are unfamiliar with.
Please do not use any additional research for this exercise, unless you need the Oxford English Dictionary. You should only need your copy of the play.
Comics and paraphrases will be marked according to:
How accurately they convey the sense of the original scene How well they adapt the scene for a modem audience
A poor paraphrase will either:
Completely misunderstand the text or
Hardly make any adaption that shows an understanding of what is occurring in the scene Paraphrases will be marked out of 5:- + <Q>□ p»


5/5: Excellent. Demonstrates a firm understanding of the scene and creatively adapts in a way that a modern audience will easily understand
4/5: Good. Shows a clear understanding of the text with few errors or misunderstandings. 3/5: Fair. Shows a reasonable understanding of the plot, but also demonstrates some misunderstanding of the meanings of some lines, or misses whole sections of lines. Does not deal with minimum number of lines.
2/5: Poor. Assignment has been handed in, but has not dealt with minimum number of lines, has not understood what is happening in the play, or has misunderstood assignment instructions in some way.
1/5: Very poor. Assignment has been handed in, but is completed incorrectly or illegibly. 0/5: Assignment never handed in


Teacher’s Name
Theatre Paraphrases for Fuenteovejuna
Will you not pay some attention to me, Gloucester, I am bleeding.
I can see the blood and the wound, Edmund, but where is the villain? Where has he run to, towards which direction did he go?
Edmund points towards a certain direction, “He ran that way after he could not convince me to do it…”
“Go after him, quick! And make sure you get hold of him no matter what.” He commands the servants. Gloucester turning back to Edmund, “After he could not do what?”
He was trying to persuade me to kill you, he wanted me to kill my father

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