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Analysis of the Cabin in the Woods Film Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


T^F4:57 2^50jl]H<=> 19% I 3i dal.brightspace.comAnalysis Paper Assignment vp< >it'*►PERF 1002: Writing About Stage and Screen Analysis PaperDue: Monday, February 10, at the beginning of class Length: 1250 - 1500 words
This assignment asks you write an analytic, academic paper about one of the following topics:
1) Is Pentheus a good ruler? Why or why not?
2) Discuss the significance of animal imagery in The Bacchae.
3) Discuss the role of comedy in Cabin in the Woods.
4) Who is/are the central villain(s) in Cabin in the Woods, and why is this significant?
In order to successfully answer any of these questions, you must develop a strong thesis, which is specific, arguable, and clear. Use carefully-chosen, specific quotations from the text to build your argument.
No research is required for this assignment.
Papers will be graded based on the following criteria:
Thesis: 10%
Argument and Structure: 50%
Evidence: 30%
Grammar and Style: 10%
Formal Requirements:
Essays should be written in a readable 12-point font.
Cover page, Works Cited, and page numbers should be formatted according to MLA guidelines - check under "Useful Links" on Brightspace for more information on correctly formatting an academic essay. A properly-formatted Works Cited page will be provided in class.
All quotations and paraphrases should be properly cited according to MLA guidelines. Submission Guidelines:
All assignments must be submitted both in hard copy and electronically by the beginning of class on the day the assignment is due. Electronic submissions will be assessed for plagiarism using Urkund plagiarism software, and should be submitted to the appropriate folder on Brightspace under the Assessments > Assignments tabs. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense - if you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism, please do not hesitate to speak with your instructor or TA!
LATE POLICY: Late papers lose 1/3 of a letter grade each work day (Saturdays and Sundays are not included). This means that an A- paper handed in a day late will become a B+. Extensions will only be granted for documented cases of illness or bereavement. See
syllabus for Student Declaration of Absence policy.
This essay is worth 25% of your final grade for this class.


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Analysis of the Cabin in the Woods Film
The Cabin in the Woods is one of the outstanding American horror comedies. Drew Goddard is the director, while Joss Whedon is the producer of the comic. Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly are the main stars in the film. The plot of the comedy follows a group of students, who retreat to a remote forest and fall victims to backwoods zombies. Besides, the students encounter technicians who manipulate events from various underground facilities. The comedy in the film makes the content appealing to the audience. The director of the film Cabin in the Woods utilizes comedy to cover up horror scenes and make the entire content attractive to the targeted audience.

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