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Absract. The Body of the Condemned. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please write an abstract on Foucault's intro to "Discipline and Punish." As I mentioned in class, it may be helpful to read about Foucault and his work at large, so you have a sense of the historical context in which it was created.
https://plato(dot)stanford(dot)edu/entries/foucault/ (Links to an external site.)

400-500 words
Abstracts must be written out in full (no bullet points, outlines or similar shortcuts)
Clearly identify: article title, author, year written, thesis statement, and the points, arguments, and sources with which the author maps out the proposal or argument.
No personal opinions, little to no quoting of the original article.


The Body of The Condemned
The Body of the Condemned
Foucault's Body of the Condemned, written in 1982, covers the various crime and punishment changes that have taken place over the years. The author begins the article by giving a comparison between a 1957 public execution and an 1837 account of different prison rules. The comparison shows the extent to which the codes of law have changed over time. The author focuses on various features that have changed in the code of rules. Among them is the elimination of the torture and exhibition of prisoners. As well, the criminal's body was no longer placed for public viewing. Such led to the end of any public executions.

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