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Is Technology Limiting Creativity (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


I need 15 annotated bibliography on the topic Is Technology Limiting Creativity


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Is Technology Limiting Creativity
Bryant, Courtney. "A 21st-century art room: The remix of creativity and technology." Art Education 63.2 (2010): 43-48.
In this study in a computer animation unit, the article explores urban high school students’ use of creative problemsolving strategies, defined as techniques that offer multiple ways and angles of considering a problem from which an optimal solution may be selected. These strategies included open-ended instructional problems, brainstorming and storyboarding, peer checks, utilizing symbolism and metaphor, and critique. The primary goal for the unit of instruction was to teach students how to create a stop-motion film that used computer programs Photobooth, iPhoto, and iMovie. While these strategies are common in traditional artrooms, I examined what happens when these creative problem-solving strategies were combined with a high-school computer animation unit and what results were obtained.
Dewett, Todd. "Understanding the relationship between information technology and creativity in organizations." Creativity Research Journal 15.2-3 (2003): 167-182.
This article will begin to fill this gap by exploring the ways that IT might influence creativity in organizations. This is important for organizational studies, given that knowledge and information are among the most important ingredients for creativity and are the very things that IT exist to manage. In this article, the creativity literature and much of the management oriented IT literature will be explored to suggest that IT plays an integral role in the creative process within organizations. Specifically, the main benefits that IT affords organizations will be considered and then applied to the requirements for creative production, the stages of the individual creative process, the process of organizational learning as related to creativity, and the creative process within large-scale project-based work. In addition, the conclusion will address the potential limitations of IT in relation to creativity as well as several thoughts concerning future research.
Edwards, Steven Marc. "The technology paradox: Efficiency versus creativity." Creativity Research Journal 13.2 (2001): 221-228.
This article highlights the impact of technology on the ability of individuals to be creative within society. The role of computers in the creative act is explored from a broad perspective to allow for the discovery of general principles of creativity. Insight into the barriers that individuals must overcome to function creatively in the information age are then presented.
Idris, Noraini, and Norjoharuddeen Mohd Nor. "Mathematical creativity: usage of technology." Procedia-social and behavioral sciences 2.2 (2010): 1963-1967.
This paper discusses the essence of mathematical creativity and the impact of technology on creativity in mathematics. reativity in mathematics helps students make sense of the world. However, in typical classrooms, students are taught as if mathematics is all about rules and procedures. Students need to see how mathematics was developed and realize that creative individuals shaped the body of mathematical knowledge. More emphasis should be placed on creative ways of expressing ideas. In this age of ICT, students need work that stimulates their curiosity and awakens their desire for mathematical creativity. 
Jackson, Linda A., et al. "Information technology use and creativity: Findings from the Children and Technology Project." Computers in human behavior 28.2 (2012): 370-376.
This research examined relationships between children’s inform...

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