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Tissue Rights (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

Task: 1) Your task is to find THREE Sources, One must be academic( Scholarly, peer-reviewed): one must be popular; the third can be either 2) List them in alphabetical order. Start each entry with an MLA citation. 3) Annotate each entry with a descriptive and evaluative paragraph (3 to 5 sentences) to inform the reader of the relevance, and quality of the sources cited. * What is going on in this article? * How will you use this article in your final paper? * Will it help describe your opposition, provide a case study, give a history of the issue? 4) Include an abstract of prospectus, a paragraph (about 3 to 6 sentences) that provides an overview of your topic *It should Give readers a summary of your paper you THINK you will write. Please USE SOURCES FROM A INTERNET DATABASE! source..
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Tissue Rights
Tissue transplantation has become an emerging issue in the medical field currently. This entails the transfer of biological cells and tissues from one individual to the next. Some cases involve the transplantation of body organs like kidneys, lungs, bone marrow among others. Diseases like cancers and other tumors involve the surgical removal of such growths. There have been cases where the cells extracted by surgeons in the process of ameliorating these malignancies have been used for research. This has led to inventions of new cell strains and been instrumental in the inventions in the biological field. However, controversy has risen regarding the ownership of the donated cells and those extracted by surgeons during the treatment process. There is a group that claims that the donor has the right of ownership of any tissue extracted from their bodies. This includes those extracted in the process of correction of malignancies. The following sources have expressed different opinions concerning the tissue rights:
Hakimian, Rina and Korn, David. Ownership And Use Of Tissue Specimens For Research. Journal of the American Medical Association. 292(20), 2004.
This article in this journal was produced by Hakimian and David Korn describes the issues surrounding the rights and privileges of individuals involved. It clearly stipulates the difference in thoughts that have existed in the medical profession. We are referred to the legal suit by John Moore, a hairy-cell leukemia patient against his doctor David Golde. In this case Golde collects specimen from Moore and used these cells for performing research. The doctor then proceeds to commercialize these cells making millions of dollars. The Supreme Court of California then ruled that the patient did not have any ownership ...
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