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Chopin, Kate. The Story of an Hour; Vogue: Boson Books (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


You need to write a summary of two articles, the first article is from my book, I will send the content to you, there is an article you need to find the same author for yourself. Specific requirements in the document.


Chopin, Kate. The Story of an Hour; Vogue: Boson Books. 1894. Print
Kate Chopin is widely known worldwide by her excellence in writing of short stories, poems and books in general. However, The Story of an Hour like other short stories she has done before describes the life of Louise Mallard and the emotions she undergoes and endures up on hearing the sudden suffering and death of her beloved husband Brently Mallard. According to the short story Brently Mallard was travelling with the train which later was reported to have involved in a vital accident killing its passengers including Louise’s husband. However, it becomes too unbearable and fearful to break the sudden and hallowing news to Louise and other immediate family members but all together it was made to be made in either way. In addition, Kate Chopin’s main theme of the short Story is that of human freedom as well as confinement. According to the author, Mrs. Mallard perception and understanding of freedom seem to be a very bad thing given that she is so restricted in many and divergent ways including her marriage life, house and home chores, and lastly her heart towards other people. In spite the death of Mallard a character in the short story, the write also meant to symbolize unity and togetherness in the family unit. Also, The Story of an Hour symbolizes the happiness and freedom that is witnessed within Louise Mallard’s marriage life and through the entire life in reference to family members specifically her husband who is no more

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