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The Impact Of Online Class On University Students (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Purpose & Description

Academic writers compose annotated bibliographies for many reasons. For this assignment in particular, your aim will be to read, summarize, and briefly evaluate the academic sources you will use to position yourself within a scholarly conversation and develop your final research paper for the course. What follows are some guidelines for completing this assignment.

Part I: Creating a Research Space

Compose a paragraph that offers some context for the annotations you include. Specifically, it should help me as a reader understand 1) the problem and question that are guiding your research; and 2) how you are working to position your study within a scholarly conversation.

Part II: Composing Annotations

Annotated bibliographies typically consist of two parts: 1) citations that you expect to include in your final document, and 2) a concise paragraph (150-200 words) that accurately summarizes and makes a move to evaluate each source you have cited. For this assignment, you are required to compose 5-7 annotations that will add to the scholarly conversation you are looking to join based on your research.

Specific Requirements


Your completed assignment should:

  • Include 5-7 single-spaced annotations;
  • Create a research space for the annotations;
  • Be written in a clear, precise, and engaging prose style;
  • Use 12 point Times New Roman or Garamond typeface;
  • Use a recognizable citation style (e.g., MLA or APA);
  • Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by the deadline (consult your course syllabus and schedule for details).

The work you complete for your annotated bibliography will serve as a direct foundation for your final research project. In this way, it should help you further define your scholarly conversation and the specific contribution you would like to make to it by the conclusion of the semester. Please write or stop by my office (or both) if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.


Annotated Bibliography: The Impact of Online Class on University Students
Aboshady, Omar A., et al. "Perception and use of Massive Open Online Courses among Medical Students in a Developing Country: Multicentre Cross-Sectional Study." BMJ Open 5.1 (2015). Web 27 March 2018.
The research focused on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Egypt highlighting awareness and access among the medical undergraduates and while about a fifth of the students had heard about the courses, only a few actively enrolled in MOOCs. Even though, the study focused on the North African region, it is relevant to understand how perceptions and accessibility of online education affect learning outcome. Among those who used MOOCs, the students wanted to expand their knowledge and earn certificates, but there were challenges with time management and low internet connections. Students learned new things when they enrolled in MOOCs, but the dropout rate was high at 81.6%, even when the enrollees understood that completing the courses would enhance their professional development. There was increased interest in online learning among those who previously were not exposed to MOOCs, highlighting that students are more likely to be motivated when the perceptions of online learning are beneficial. This is consistent with the observation that those with knowledge are more likely to adapt and enroll in online learning.
Boston, Wallace, Phil Ice, and Melissa Burgess. "Assessing student retention in online learning environments: a longitudinal study." Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration 15.2 (2012): 1-6.
The researchers evaluated the factors affecting student retention in online learning among students at American Public University System (APUS). The study relied on the methodology of an earlier conducted research in 2011 by the same researchers, but with more participants and updated research. The article emphasized the importance of creating a sense of belonging among students in traditional and distance learning as this is associated positively with student retention and responsiveness. In the case of online programs, when there is proper integration, this links the students with their peers, teachers, learning institutions and relevant materials. Learners can link with practices where the needs of the students and faculty needs are considered when implementing online education programs to ensure that they are more effective, especially when there is open communication. The other distance learning approaches do not engage learners like online learning since digital tools allow learners to connect, and this can improve student retention.
Dumas, Joe. "Online vs. face-to-face student performance in an introduction to operating systems course." Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 32.2 (2016): 185-191.
The article compared the test score results of the introduction to operating system course conduced in traditional classrooms and that conducted online. While there was no significant difference between the two, there was slight improvement in the student performance results for the online learning group since the course content was the same for the face to face and online learning, then outcome were likely related to the learning process in the two approaches. Even when the students used the same learning material, there were higher levels of interactivity among those using the online learning approach. Some courses may be better suited to face-to-face learning and others online learning as the quality of instruction may also change. Online learning allowed more students to disc

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