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Year-Round Schooling: Minimization Of Overcrowding (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


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Year-Round Schooling
Year-Round Schooling
Many schools in America have adopted a new learning schedule where a single summer break is substituted with a series of shorter breaks within the school calendar year, a process known as year-round schooling. Year-round schooling is a common practice adopted by the schools to improve students' performance at the same time minimizes overcrowding. Although scholars advocate for the adoption of year-round schooling, having frequent breaks throughout the school calendar year. Frequent break can be the best way for both teachers and students to energize however, these scheduling might affect families in several ways. Below is an annotated bibliography that reviews the impact of year-round schooling on families and students.
1 Dills, A., Hernández-Julián, R., & Rotthoff, K. W. (2016). Knowledge decay between semesters. Economics of Education Review, 50, 63-74.
Iin this article ,the authors states that summer learning loss is a problem widely studies among K-12 schooling, with research producing mixed results. The article examines various elements that contribute to summer loss. For college students taking sequential courses, students begin the sequence in fall semester with shorter winter breaks while others begin their sequence during spring and take two courses separated by a long summer break. The study results reveal that the long break is associated with lower grade due to knowledge limitation caused by the break.
. This explai

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