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Discussion About Can Living Abroad Make You More Creative? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Topic: Can living abroad make you more creative?
1. Fnd, read, and summarize at least THREE peer-reviewed sources on the topic. (must be peer-reviewed)
2.Introduction: In this section, you will introduce the topic, offer an overview of the ideas from the sources included in the project, and briefly discuss your guiding Research Question (RQ).
3.Summaries (250-300 words) of at least THREE sources: Each summary should use a balance of summary and paraphrase (and quotation when appropriate) to explain the article's goal/purpose, the research question or focus, the general methods, the key results, and the conclusions or implications.
4.APA-formatted title page


Annotated Bibliography
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Can Living Abroad Make You More Creative?
There is a famous culture of writers and artist packing up and migrating abroad when the creative block becomes too much. There is something unique about living abroad, especially the multi-cultural experience it has on the level of creativity. Several studies have been done to ascertain the influence of living abroad on the content of creativity. Most of the researchers are on the active market forces on the consumers on the art products while comparing them with the products from the individuals who have no history of migrating abroad; several insights have been put forward.
Tadmor, C. T., Galinsky, A. D., & Maddux, W. W. (2012). Getting the most out of living abroad: Biculturalism and integrative complexity as key drivers of creative and professional success. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 103(3), 520-542.
The article courses on the effects of biculturalism and integrative complexity being the two key drivers of professionalism and creativity. Recent research was conducted geared towards investigations of the various cultural patterns that exist in the modern world. The research investigated how the home culture patterns and hosts cultural identification can be utilized in explaining the individuals who have spent their lives abroad and the height of creative and professional success they have achieved over time. The article hypothesized that people who got the identity of the host's cultures and the home culture so-called the bicultural were exceedingly showing improved creativity and success in their professional work in comparisons to their counterparts who had only one culture at hand. The concept of biculturalism from the research was defined as someone achieving additional culture from the native culture due to them settling abroad for the whole of their lifetime or part of their lifetime.
The article further went ahead to deliberate on the effects that could be driving the difference in the effects between the single culture individuals and the bicultural individuals. One of the factors that are put forth in the research as an influence on the creativity id the information processing capacity, this includes the ability to combine multiple perspectives to form one coherent and considerate thought. In two of the studies it was demonstrated that the biculturalism was more fluent, more flexible, and high novelty on the task that required creativity. The studies indicate that these individuals were responsible for more innovations where they worked as well the bicultural earned more promotions at work and more positive reputations at work compared to the assimilated individuals. The results that are propagated in the research indicate that individuals who are bicultural are more likely to have creative success in the

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