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Reflective Annotated Bibliography::The Four Sections (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Writing Assignment #2: Reflective Annotated Bibliography
Writing Assignment #2 will be a reflective annotated bibliography of 5-6 sources.
Organization for the Reflective Annotated Bibliography
In this assignment you will complete the following:
1. find 5-6 articles on a theme related to technology.
2. list each article in alphabetical order in APA format. In other words, you will list each on as an
APA reference.
3. write a précis, a vocabulary section, a reflection, and a quotables section after each listing.
More details that explain each of these sections are provided below.
The Four Sections for Each Annotation
Part 1: The Précis: In this section, you will provide a descriptive summary of the material. To observe a video tutorial
that takes you through the process of summarizing an article in a descriptive manner, click here.
You will want to include the author’s main claim in the article as well as any sub-claims. In addition, please include the
types of evidence the author uses to support this claim, including what data/facts/evidence the author uses to justify the
claims of the article. Finally, you will want to mention the interpretations that this author arrives at through the claims and
evidence and the points or conclusions she presents. You may use the first-person point of view (“I”) in your précis.
Your précis for each article should be 100-150 words.
Part 2: Vocabulary: In this section, you will select key terms that were used in the article or words with which you were
unfamiliar. You don’t need to include definitions of these terms; however, you should look up their definitions for your
own benefit.
You should come up with 5-10 vocabulary terms for each article.
Part 3: Reflection: In this section, you will describe your opinion about what the author has stated in the article. Please
state whether you agree, disagree, or agree on some points and disagree on others. You can mention any criticisms,
questions, or comments you have on the author’s methods of research. In addition, include any unanswered questions you
have as a result of having read the article carefully. Include items or concepts that you do not understand, information you
would need to have in order to better understand the article, etc. You will, of course, use the first-person point of view (“I”)
in this part of the reflective annotated bibliography.
Your reflection section for each article should be 100-150 words.
Part 4: Quotables: In this section, you will insert direct quotations from the article that you feel exemplify its claims or
interpretations. You can also include sentences in which the author stated his or her claims exceptionally well. Please
include page number(s) where you found the quotes. Moreover, please place quotation marks around the chosen phrase and
make sure you cite the phrase verbatim.
Your quotables section for each article should contain 4-8 quotes


This task includes chosen tasks considered for future research. This task includes brief explanations on how the writer addressed their chosen problems.
Chelliah, R., Cornez, J. S., Dellar, C., Harrison, S., Hempe, J. A., Hsu, C. C., ... & Yamamoto, W. K. (1998). U.S. Patent No. 5,710,887. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Précis: The paper contains information on creation of an electronic e-commerce systems such that a client can order a product and pay it online using a credit card or other payment systems. The system will keep a record of the customer, which the supplier will use to deliver goods to the customer. The author has used several diagrams to explain how the system works, by using computer and internet-enabled processes to argue out his point. His interpretation involves how the system shall operate by allowing transaction between a seller and a buyer to occur. The system shall have a database that shall capture all details needed for transactions, support for buyer, and how it shall revolutionize shopping. The writer used the Netscape Communication's Navigator browser/server pair to explain how his system shall work.
Vocabularies: Interactive TV. e-commerce. Compartment level. Pricing rule structure. electronic mall. subsystem.
Reflective: The author has given detailed explanation on how his invention shall work including diagrams to show the picture of the system. However, being something new at the time, it remained fictitious on paper without working example to prove his claim.
Quotes: “Purchasing events may include, for example: Purchase-- Item and Purchase-- Order.” “Means for causing at least one supplier to be represented on the display for selection by the customer using the input means.”“ The operation of the system described above includes exemplary code for selected interfaces where it is illustrative of the operation of the subsystem.”“ A third type of incentive program is the quantity discount card” (Chelliah, Cornez, Dellar, Harrison, Hempe, Hsu, & Yamamoto, 1998)
Chu, W. W. (1969). Optimal file allocation in a multiple computer system. IEEE Transactions on Computers, 100(10), 885-889.
Précis: The paper describes a programming model for allocating files needed in common by different computers. The model puts in place storage costs, transmission costs, storage within the computers, file length, and request time. The writer uses codes, diagrams and theoretical knowledge to explain how the model works. Tables containing data for simulated activities are also contained in the explanations.
Vocabularies: Computer communication, linear integer programming, multicomputer information system, multiprocessor, nonlinear integer programming, optimal file allocation.
Reflective: The writer explains in detail the problem at hand, using codes that can be difficult to a person who is not familiar with them. Overall, the argument is sufficient.
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