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Women's Health in Low Wage Jobs (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

1. Write an Annotated Bibliography on the topic of: Health Effects of Women working in low wage jobs. Health effects might include stress, injuries etc. 2. Only use social science journals in your annotated bibliography. 3. Choose 8 journal articles. 4. Write 3 sentences per journal article. -> What is the article about? -> Why is it interesting in relation to women's health? -> A possible critique about the article? source..
Health Effects of Low Wage Jobs on Women Name: Institution: Annotated bibliography Leigh, J, P., & Du, J. (2012). Are low wages risk factors for hypertension. European Journal of Public Health, 1-5. doi: 10.1093/eurpub/ckr204. This article tries to expound on the fact that income/wages which are part of the social economic status, are highly linked the health status of women that work in jobs that pay minimum wages. Specifically it shows the link between the low wages as one of the risk factors associated with developing hypertension health condition. Interestingly, much of the evidence pointed towards women working in low wages jobs within the age gap of 25 and 44 years. While the paper does well to expound on the fact that majority of the low wages are women, it does not include the teenagers. Jackson, A, P., Bentler, P, M. & Franke, T, M.(2008). Low-Wage Maternal Employment and Parenting Style. National Center for Biotechnology Information, Volume 53(3), 267-278. This authors link the quality of the maternal health the parents’ accord their children while closely linking the same to the mental health of the parents who are poor wages bracket. It is interesting to show the mental health of these women as well as the effect it has on the children. The argument in the article is well placed and supported. Staggs, S, L. & Riger, S. (2005). Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Low-Income Women’s Health and Employment. American Journal of Community Psychology, Vol. 36(1/2) DOI: 10.1007/s10464-005-6238-1. The authors of this article try to bring out the poor health conditions such as stress and actual physical injuries of the women working in low waged jobs. It is interesting how they also show the amount of violence they are exposed to from their intimate partners. The paper elaborates clearly the kind of life, that these women are exposed, where their human rights are violated. Arendt, J, N. & Lauridsen, J. (2007). Do risk factors explain more of ...
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