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US Government and Minimum Wage Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)

I'm currently taking a Govt Class, and the course is basically about politics, governmental policies, and people. So the instructor now is expecting us to turn in a paper which is about a bill called : - Minimum Wage, Increase the Federal Minimum Wage [H.R. 1010 and S. 460] Please see attached paper for details. Thanks source..

The government of the United States through the senate department is considering a certain bill called, "Minimum Wage, Increase the Federal Minimum Wage [H.R. 1010 and S.460]." This bill has been branded a latest title and thus is currently known as "Fare Minimum Wage Act of 2013," and was sponsored by Sen Harkin, Tom, and thirty-one co-sponsors, being introduced on the third day of May year two thousand and thirteen (The Library of Congress, 2013). The bill was referred on the third day of May two thousand and thirteen to the Senate Committee where it was read twice and later referred to the Committee on Education, Health, Labor as well as Pensions. Various issues and complexities are addressed and covered in the bill.
On the introduction of the bill, Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013, the amendments were discovered as withdrawn from the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 abbreviated as FLSA, which involved the raise of federal minimum earnings for employees to eight dollars and twenty cents per hour on every first day of their third month following the Act enactment. Moreover, nine dollars and fifteen cents per hour after a period of one year was included, as ten dollars and ten cents per hour would be provided after two years. The amount decided by the Labor Secretary was based on the raises in the price index of the consumer, after a period of three years as well as on the annual basis afterwards.
The bill would also increase the federal minimum earnings for the employees that are tipped to a sum of tree dollars per hour for a period of one year during the first day of their third month after the Act enactment. In addition, it offers a formula suitable for subsequent annual changes of the earnings increase in order to make sure that the remainder equals to seventy percent rate of the earnings in result under FLSA in favor of other employees. This bill is meant to advocate for the employees regarding the increment on their federal earnings, which bears several terms and conditions. The bill offers to the Secretary of Labor in sixty days before any raise in the minimum earnings in publishing it within the Federal Register as well as on the website of the Department o...
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