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history - 1930 re-alignment election (Essay Sample)

-Who remained outside the reach of New Deal assistance? Why? -In your answer consider how politics shaped the limits of reform, both in the ability of constituents to demand assistance and in the federal government's response to their demands. source..
HISTORY Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission History The 1932 election in the U.S is best described as a re-alignment election. The Democratic Party, with its Ned Deal had transformed itself into a liberal party, enjoying the support of the big political machines, labor unions as well as the blue collar workers, farmers and the ethnic minorities. This strong coalition proved to be extremely powerful that the Democrats clinched the white house race in seven consecutive elections between 1932 and 1962. Moreover they would go on and control both houses of Congress in all but four years - 1932 to 1980. The question of whether the new deal was a success or a failure has been debated for long. The New Deal was defined by a number of accomplishments; some of them include the fact that it provided a relief of sort to the citizens, because many people received help with their mortgages, and jobs. It also provided some valuable social and economic infrastructure; it also brought reforms in the social welfare, labor/trade relations, and minimum wage. Nevertheless one absolute failing or shortcoming of the New Deal is that ...
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