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Medical School Work and Activities, Medicine Admission Essay (Admission Essay Sample)


This is a medical school application essay, so I want the essay to be properly written. No grammatical errors, no punctuation errors, and no runoff sentence. Please, I want the essay to be clearly written and addressed the activities/ experience well. I will appreciate it if the word account will amount to 825 words without the words/sentence on the document that I will upload.


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I have had a passion to serve as a medical services provider for as long as I can remember. This passion and desire stem from my compassionate nature and the need to help people in pain and suffering. As such, I have walked on a path that has led to this moment of applying for a place in medical school. One of the activities that I have undertaken in this path was volunteering at Medical City Hospital. Volunteering there, especially in the emergency department, is one of my most meaningful experiences. While at Medical City Dallas Hospital, I attended to patients and visitors at the reception, providing them with the information they required. I also delivered flowers, newspapers, and gifts to patients. While performing these tasks, I often shared encouraging words with patients just to give them hope that things will not always be so dull. Through these simple acts, I was able to change their moods because sometimes patients need encouragement, which makes them happier. Seeing patients lighten up after receiving gifts and flowers was usually the best part of my day. However, as a volunteer, I also saw first-hand the suffering of people coming into the hospital. Patients who had been involved in accidents and their lives were hanging on the balance, patients with gunshot wounds, and patients with the common cold. All these patients, albeit having different levels of emergency and probably different levels of pain, needed someone to alleviate their pain and suffering. And at the hospital, that someone is usually a doctor, a nurse, and other members of the medical fraternity. Seeing the medical staff come to offer their help and even seeing patients leave the hospital feeling better than they came in was so fulfilling. It made me realize that there is nothing better than service to humanity. It is during such moments that I realized how seriously I wanted to help patients as part of my career.

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