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FIU Admission Essay Medicine Admission Services - Admission Essay (Admission Essay Sample)


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About me: I work in the trauma intensive care unit at Level 1 Trauma Center in Miami, Fl. I have been a RN for about a year and a half. I deal with patients suffering from a wide range of traumatic injuries and complications.
Background information typed below is the information I want for to be integrated into the essay. Hopefully each topic can be tied into the other.
Question 1:
A primary professional experience that influenced my decision to pursue CRNA school was when I took care of a patient that was in a severe motor vehicle accident. She suffered from severe pelvic and abdominal injuries which led her to have an open abdomen. She appeared to be in agonizing pain during dressing changes. I noticed she did not have any sedation and/or analgesia for these dressing changes. Doctors rationale for this was that she would become addicted to these medications and not improve lung function while on the ventilator. I brought the team to the bedside so they can re-evaluate her pain and sedation levels. Finally after careful evaluation, the team prescribed appropriate analgesia and sedation medications as needed. In this moment where I advocated for my ventilated patient I felt good that I provided some relief to her suffering. I believe that sedation and/or analgesia can really provide therapeutic relief and let the body heal, in the appropriate situation especially before a procedure or operation and that is one of the reasons why im choosing a path in CRNA.
Question 2:
As I became more acclimated to this challenging unit I grew to be vigiliant with my patients and my responsibilities, I advocated and protected my patients, I learned to use resources efficiently and communicated more directly and decisive. This was a personal growth for me and I believe these qualities were highlighted more and more as I gained experience.
Professionally I have prepared myself by shadowing various CRNA's in the hospitals main OR. I learned and observed all operative phases. I saw how critical their role and duties were in each operative phase. I also was a research assistant in NIH funded study that aimed to prevent delirium in ICU mechanically ventilated patients. I spread awareness about delirium to my colleagues and how we can use evidence-based practice guidelines to decrease delirium thereby decreasing ICU stay.
Question 3:
What I see myself doing in 5 years is being a proficient and safe CRNA that is ready to serve her community. I wish to practice under the best evidence-based guidelines. My passion and love for trauma will always remain as well. I would like to see myself working in a trauma OR or if not work in a hospital set in an underserved urban area where patients present with complex injuries and illnesses.


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FIU Admission Essay
Answer 1
My decision of pursuing a career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) was triggered by my devotion to reducing patients’ pain or suffering in the intensive care unit (ICU). In particular, the primary professional experience that made me choose the CRNA graduate course was my encounter with a patient who was involved in a severe car accident. The patient had severe pelvic and abdominal injuries that led to an open abdomen. During dressing, she was in pain because she had no analgesia or sedation. Doctors hesitated to sedate her since they said that it would hinder her lung recovery while on the ventilator. However, physicians’ perspectives did not prevent me from doing what was necessary to alleviate the patient’s suffering.

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