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Admission Essay: Valorie Littlejohn (Admission Essay Sample)


My name is Valorie Littlejohn. I've tried writing my own paper and it does not flow. I am a mother of four and i have a great support system. I have both CNA licenses. heres what i have.
Valorie Littlejohn
Why are you pursuing a career as a nurse?
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to become a nurse. Being the one to take care of my grandfather and brother through their cancer by feeding them and serving them their medications made me realize my passion of helping people. I obtained both certified nursing assistant licenses to help me get closer to my passion. While working in a nursing home I fell more in love with the idea of pursuing a career in nursing. Helping patients overcome the burden of different health conditions, as well as, supporting their families through such difficult times is challenging but satisfactory.
Watching nurses work has been inspirational to me, as I worked alongside them helping patients that were dealing with dire conditions and encouraging their families to be positive – even during palliative care. Their ability to handle both saving of lives and losing lives while managing to work on the next patient shows me how strong they are. I hope to acquire such skills and the diligence to work in nursing and have a similar dynamic impact in the healthcare platform. Choosing this career path is going to be fast paced and interesting, but it will help me make a bigger difference in peoples lives. It is not just a job to me; it is about making people feel safe and secure while they are going through hard times.
Nurses not only care for their patients with compassion, but you can see the love that they have when for caring for others. Healthcare is a rewarding career and I come from a long line of healthcare workers. It is their passion they showed for others that helped me become the person I am today. I will show patience and acceptance to whoever I am caring for.
Can you do anything with this? Thank you


Why I Am Pursuing A Career as A Nurse
When you are a child, you have just the faintest sense of what you want to become. When I was a little girl, I knew somehow that I wanted to become a nurse. It did not come to me as a vision, but I found that I enjoyed taking care of others. When I fed and served medication to my grandfather and brother as they battled cancer, I realized I could become a good nurse. As I grew up, the goal of becoming a nurse remained with me. Therefore, I worked hard at school, and when I was eligible, I obtained my certified nursing assistant lice

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