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Views of Women's Reproductive Solutions in the 19th Century (Thesis Proposal Sample)


Create a proposal of approximately 700 words that references one academic scholarly source. This project should engage at least one academic source, should include an introduction and thesis to the best extent that you know it at this point in time, and should locate a central controversy that requires deft and subtle handling. Be sure to adhere to APA style for the in-text citation and final reference page. (No cover page is needed)


Analyze Views of Women's Reproductive Solutions in the 19th Century and Interpret Their Historical and Contemporary Impact
Analyze Views of Women's Reproductive Solutions in the 19th Century and Interpret Their Historical and Contemporary Impact
The 19th century was marked by the beginning of women movement groups that aimed at achieving equal rights as men in society. However, abortion was illegal at the time, and this changed the women’s focus to using reproductive solutions as a way of avoiding bearing unwanted children. However, there were no better methods that women could use as a reproductive solution as are seen currently. Actually, the traditional methods of reproductive solutions were very risky and could lead to death. Therefore, the assignment covers the reproductive solutions which were used by women during the time and their historical and contemporary impacts.
Views of Women’s Reproductive Solutions
Actually, women’s voices were not heard in the early 19th century as men still dominated the society at the time. Therefore, men controlled the sexual life of women including their decisions to use contraceptives and have abortions which were starting to advance during the period. Specifically, men opposed the decision of women to have abortions, use contraceptives, and protest against unfair sexual activities. As a result, women were denied the right the same rights as men and be empowered in society (Lake, 2018). Moreover, before the century, the role of women was only to take care of domestic chores such as bearing children, raising them, and caring for their husbands.
Moreover, women practiced abortion at the time as a way of birth control. The way the abortion was performed was very risky as they were conducted through local means without going to the hospitals. For instance, slaves chewed green papaya leaves after being raped by their masters as a way of preventing pregnancy. Also, some of them repeatedly hit their bellies on hard items such as the edge of the bed or wall to induce abortion through miscarriage. However, the abortions were secretly conducted as it was illegal in the nation during the time.
Further, the use of reproduction solutions was influenced grea

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