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Animal Rights: The right to free movement. Social Sciences Paper (Essay Sample)


Social Awareness and Call-to-Action:
Essay Two
Concept: What in our society or in the world needs attention and change? Is there an issue that most or few of us don’t know about that you would like to bring attention to?
> Address an issue of notable local, national, or global significance through the research process.
> Construct a paper that articulates the main points of your selected topic.
Define and describe your selected issue; this will serve as your thesis - be detailed and
specific; support your statements with verifiable evidence.
After you introduce your topic, address possible solutions - what do the experts suggest
might be done to solve or ameliorate the problem?
Integrate at least four reputable sources that support your thesis.
Your essay must be at least three pages long, not including your works cited page. Always
use proper ML A format!
Topic Ideas:
> These are simply some suggestions; this is not an exhaustive list.
When selecting your topic, consider what personally interests you and whether or not your choice has a significant or notable impact on the world and people around you?
>• Consider choosing a problem from areas of study such as environmental science, psychology, civics, education, human or animal rights, or criminal justice.
>■ Remember, your topic must be based upon an actual problem. not an opinion, philosophy, or ethical position. For example, abortion would be a poor choice as the act itself is not in dispute; the moral issue surrounding abortion is the source of debate.


Institution affiliation:
Animal Rights: The right to free movement
One aspect that each constitution around the world addresses is the free movement of people in their countries. Therefore, although they do not reason nor think like people, it is only fair that wild animal be treated with the same dignity as human beings. Animals confined in zoos lack sufficient environment to freely roam and play. Hence, imprisoning wild animals in zoos, aquariums and parks from birth to death for commercial purpose is an infringement of their right to free movement. Wild animals belong in the wild and not in zoos and sanctuaries, where their right to free movement is controlled and manipulated by human being. Consequently, this paper describes how human beings have sabotaged wild animals’ right to free movement. The paper also provides solutions that can be used to address the problem.

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