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Disabled Bodies In Society: Linton's Impairment (Term Paper Sample)


As we are discovering in the course, the body is both biological and social, and a lived aspect of human experience. In the first chapter of The Body in Society, Howson introduced the idea of the social self. Recently, you read the pages on disability from this chapter. You also read a chapter titled “Monstrosity, Enfreakment, and Disability” in Body Studies. I want you to use ideas and concepts from the texts to analyze Simi Linton's memoir, My Body Politic.
Address the following bullet points in your paper:
• Briefly describe Linton's impairment.
• How does Linton's understanding of disability and the meaning of her body change over time?
• How does Linton's thinking evolve from a medical/biomedical model of disability to a social model of disability?
Your paper should be sociological, which means you focus on Linton's social self as you address the latter two bullet points above.
Your paper should be analytical. I expect you to use specific concepts from the text and specific examples from the memoir. Define the key concepts in your paper (you can quote or paraphrase—both strategies require a citation). Use quotations from the memoir to support your points.
The paper is not a summary or description of Linton's life. , The use of the word “I' is not appropriate in this paper. The paper is not a response or reaction to the memoir (personal stories should not be shared in this paper).


Disabled Bodies in Society
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Disabled Bodies in Society
Disability is at times viewed as an impairment in the society. People that are disabled often feel discriminated because of their condition and inability to undertake a number of tasks like other individuals. Linton is one woman who was impaired after an accident which made him use a wheelchair as an aid to moving from one point to another. However, Linton did not view her condition as a disability and even became one that represents the disabled in the society. This paper will discuss Linton's impairment in terms of her own understanding and evolving to a social model of disability.
Describe Linton's Impairment
Linton is a strong woman who champions for the voice of the disabled. She was disabled after an accident where some of her close companions lost their lives. During this period, she became impaired after her legs were paralyzed. The passing's of John (Linton's first spouse) and Carol (her closest companion) was the worst thing that could happen to anyone, also from her story where she got injured and she overcame the suffering of turning into a lady crippled by society and situation. Her progression from misfortune to liberation and sound of mind is the basic curve of Linton's story.
She does not cover up her situation by trying to come up with expectations; rather she grieves the life she once had as she came up with the life she developed into. Linton does not do this egotistically, depicting herself as a fairly innocent, aloof shell of a man in the main portion of her diary (Linton, 2007, 44). For instance, Linton is compelled to go up against the part of the "great patient" in the healing facility, “where unexpectedly it wasn't until the third or fourth week that a specialist came to disclose to me that my legs were incapacitated; more likely than not know it in some way or another yet kept the idea under control." Her further experiences with both therapeutic experts and loved ones just add to this effect, even to the degree of having her sister go to Linton's late spouse's memorial service to assimilate the stun for her.
How do Linton's understanding of disability and the meaning of her body change over time?
Linton no longer sees her condition as a disability. In spite of the fact that Linton depicts occurrences in which she endeavors to remove herself from the aloofness, her condition appears to require by requesting her recently handicapped body be considered important. It isn't until the point that one hundred pages in that peruse may start to get the inclination Linton is at long last moving toward the genuine core of her story (Linton, 2007, 98). It is not necessarily the case that the content before this point is trite or insignificant; despite what might be expected, as after her healing center stay she expounds on presenting herself to another world where she is an inquisitive substance, moving to California to go to school just to discover they have officially found "the inability development. It is unequivocally in

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