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Healthy Living For Life Performance Task (Term Paper Sample)


Based on your current eating patterns, combined with what you have learned about nutritional needs at different stages of the lifespan, food trends, and nutrition-related disease, create a profile of your future self. Predict what your future health will be, based on your lifestyle and the information you learned in chapter 5 to 7.

If you prefer, you may wish to create a profile of a fictional person (who is currently a teenager). Include all the same elements, inventing lifestyle characteristics and eating patterns for the fictional person. Make predictions about the fictional person’s future health.

You can choose the format in which to present this information (for example: video, written report, cartoon).
1. Start by creating a profile of yourself (or the fictional person) now. Identify:

  • your current nutritional needs
  • factors that affect your food choices including food trends or eating patterns)
  • characteristics of your current lifestyle—your level of physical activity and the nutritional value of your usual diet

2. Next, predict what your health (or the health of the fictional person) will be at a point in the future.
Identify the year when you are predicting your health. How old will you be?
What will your nutritional needs be at that time? Analyse how growth and development will affect your nutritional needs.
What factors will affect your food choices at that time? Assess their effects on your overall health.
What will your lifestyle and eating patterns be at that time?
Explain why particular strategies can be effective in preventing illness or health conditions.
Assess your current lifestyle and your lifestyle in the future to predict whether you might be at risk of developing any illnesses or health conditions.


Healthy Living for Life Performance Task
Class Code and Section
Healthy Living for Performance Task
I am a 19-year-old adolescent whose healthy living and performance of tasks are influenced by my eating habits and lifestyle. This paper will discuss my current nutritional needs, factors influencing my choice of food, my lifestyle, eating habits and their implication on my health presently as well as discuss a prediction of the same 30 years from now when I will be 49 years old.
I have the nutritional needs of an adolescent. I need 2,200 calories per day which I obtain from foods rich in protein, dairy products, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Protein is essential for proper growth and development of the bones and muscles and I obtain it foods from red meat and poultry products. The dairy product is important for bone mass and I take two cups of milk daily and yogurt occasionally. Grains are a vital source of dietary fiber and I consume whole grain products such as bread and pasta. I consume a glass of fruit juice and half a cup of vegetables for vitamins and minerals which boost the body's immunity. I obtain a regular serving of these meals three to four times a day.
My choice of food is influenced by biological, economic, physical and psychological factors. Biologically, hunger is the determinant. When I am hungry, I prefer to feed on protein-rich foods because scientifically, they are proven to be the most satiating. When I have enough money it is easier to buy a balanced diet as opposed to when I'm lacking and I have to compromise some nutrients and eat only what I consider most vital. My geographical location at the time I need to eat influences my choice in that I will eat whatever food is on offer within the ease of my reach. Psychologically, stress and anxiety cause me to under eating while mood causes me to crave certain foods such as ice cream.
My current lifestyle is characterized by unhealthy eating habits physical inactivity. When I am under stress or anxiety, for example, I tend to under eat. I also have a habit of snacking between meals and skipping meals on a regular basis. Sugary foods and fatty foods make up a generous proportion of my diet. I regularly eat pastries such as cakes, biscuits and take away meals from fast food restaurants are an occasional favorite. With regards to physical activity, my body does not engage in any regular vigorous exercise. I take a vehicle to practically everywhere I need to go and my leisure time is spent passively watching television or playing video games.
In 30 years' time, it will be 2048 and I

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