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Freedom Party: The Presidential Candidate (Term Paper Sample)


This gives you almost 2 months - including Spring break - If you are feeling sick or are planning on being absent, the project must be turned In before May 4th. no excuses. You will lose 10 F points per day for every day that your project la late.Objective: Build your own third party/minor party and a voter drive campaign.



Freedom Party
Part I: The Political Party
* Type of Party
My “Freedom” party is an ideological party. This is because the party holds a particular set of comprehensive political, economic, and social views and beliefs. Particularly, the freedom party believes that principle is the most important thing. The party believes that elections should not just be for winning but it is the duty of the party to change the lives of people. Even though the party does not have significant representation, it has its own loyalist members who would not change their allegiance. These members know that it is not just about winning elections but standing up for the principles they believe in.
* Party Name and what it stands for
The choice of the name “Freedom” is based on the belief that there should be no prejudice against anyone. The party believes that every human being should have the freedom to decide upon their fate and their lives. The party believes in morality and that people should do as they like and be tolerant towards the choices that others have made.
* The Presidential Candidate
The presidential candidate for the party is Mr. Godfrey Jefferson. He has been active in the public limelight, often speaking against what he perceives wrong with the state and fighting for the freedom of all. Whereas others might be too scared to speak about what they perceive as wrong with the government, he has often been one of the most vocal when asking the government to account for how it has spent public money. Additionally, he has been known to rally the people to oppose those bills that are deemed to be mischievous. To the government, he has been like a thorn in the flesh but to the people, he has been like their fighter.
Mr. Jefferson is a God fearing family man who has a solid and scandal free live. In his entire political career, he has never been involved in any scandal. In his previous position as the governor, his county was among the best performing. Besides, he promoted the ideologies of the Freedom party of fronting morality and letting people have their freedom while encouraging them to respect the choices of others. He was among the best performing governors and was well loved by the people.
* Campaign Platform
1 The Freedom party believes in freedom for all, giving everyone the power to speak freely, act freely, and pursue happiness without restrictions but do so with focus on morality. Currently, the practice of the government has been too stringent on the people. There is a common feeling that the government has been dictating almost every aspect of the lives of the citizens. Therefore, we need to work towards “Reclaiming Our Freedom”. The party recognizes that it is difficult to have absolute freedom; the party will strive to ensure that it channels its goals and obligations towards promoting the freedom of the citizens. The party recognizes that we have a superior constitution that gives people their essential freedom and rights, however; we should do more to ensure that the citizens get more than the essentials.
2 Together with ensuring freedom for all, the party is concerned about several other issues that we will address. First is to ensure that majority of the families receive a tax cut. What the current administration has done is encourage tax cuts for those with higher incomes. This has led to the middle class being taxed the most. We will repeal the tax cuts for those with higher incomes and ensure that the tax burden on the middle class is reduced. The party also hopes to bring more people back to work. Over the last 5 years, several people have lost their jobs. This is a sorry state for the country as the number of people that are j...

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