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Religious Studies (Term Paper Sample)

Formal Course Paper Format: The papers will be typed, contain no typographical errors, and will have margins no larger than 1 inch. The spacing will be 1.5 lines, with standard spacing between paragraphs and fonts of 12 pts. All page lengths refer to full pages of texts, not simply pages of paper. Handing in a paper of less than the required length will be viewed as not having handed the assignment in at all. All papers conform to accepted academic format in the use of quotations and contain bibliographies of works consulted. The bibliography will include no less than 8 printed sources and no more than 4 electronic sources (online journals count as printed sources). The inclusion of any verbatim material from any other source (i.e. material not stated in your own words but copied directly into the text without quotation marks and attribution) will be considered plagiarism and dealt with according to the rules of the university, the minimum result being a 0 for the assignment. Any deviation from these standards will result in an automatic grade of 0. 302I Essay Topics 1) Discuss the nature of early relations between the Native Americans and the Euro-Americans. What were the religious factors that contributed to these relations and how did they do so? 2) Discuss how African-American religious traditions, both indigenous and acquired, interacted with the institution of slavery. What were the positive and the negative effects of these interactions? 3) Discuss what elements of Chinese religious culture prepared them to successfully resist domination by the Euro-American majority. I need a 5-6 pages so i ordered a 7 pages paper, and i will change the spacing to 1.5 source..
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1) Discuss the nature of early relations between the Native Americans and the Euro-Americans. What were the religious factors that contributed to these relations and how did they do so?
Habitually the discussion of race in early American history has relied upon a sequence of interweaved dichotomies of ethnicity, culture, and inherent. Legacy of these twofold remain with us today, principally in the teaching today. It has been clear than in halting and incomplete incorporation of Native American became one of many minorities in American state. Many Native American tribes inhabited the territory that became the State of Illinois. As most Native Americans relied upon a mixture of hunting, agriculture and gathering for their subsistence. They embrace the religious beliefs quite unlike the European settlers who were embracing Christianity they brought to North American. The Indians organized their spiritual lives around no central creed or dogma and rather, entity tribes developed rites and practices based upon a communitarian spiritual sense and reverence for nature. Among most tribes everyday acts assumed a ceremonial significance. Western visitors, conquerors and interpreters have struggled to grasp Native American religion and culture to this day.
In this circumstance, European and Native American cultures mingled and Europeans and Native Americans reached understandings of one another, often built upon primary misconceptions, that facilitated good relations and trade thus many French trappers and traders married Indian women, beginning a pattern of cross-cultural kinship ties and realization.
The wobbly, though usually peaceful and prosperous, relations of the Middle Ground characterized life in Illinois until the French and Indian War of the mid-eighteenth century thus in this conflict Native American tribes united themselves with the French and suffered a influential defeat at the hands of the British Empire.
Even though their opposing roles in the disagreement, the British proved a temporary ally for Native Americans in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century and in the period after the French and Indian War the British had declared the northwestern region surrounding today's Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana to be off-limits to settlement by English settlers thus the outcome of the American revolution devastated this promising arrangement for the Indian tribes and sent American settlers pouring westward.
Although Americans' claim to the Northwest Territories, the British remained a key presence there for several decades and joined forces with Indian forces led by the Shawnee chieftain Tecumseh to battle Americans in the unsuccessful War of 1812 and the United States tenable its Northwest Territories in the War of 1812, and crushed Tecumseh's dream of a powerful new Indian confederacy able to stem white settlement in the West.
2) Discuss how African-American...
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