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What does the Church say about our relationship? Religion Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


What does the Church say about our relationship to other World Religions?
How is it relevant for us today? (Any ideas/ thoughts important for today)
Opinion: How does “one” remain steadfast in their belief and also accept the belief of others?


Answering the Question
What does the Church say about our relationship to other World Religions?
Christians need to dialogue and collaborate with non-Christians, but also show love and prudence when doing so. Additionally, Christians need to show people the way and the light, while promoting spirituality, morality and bringing people together to fellowship. Dialogue should be open and respectful when people acknowledge and listen to others, regardless of their religious background as there is freedom of thoughts and religions. Collaborating with people of goodwill helps to solve some of the world’s problems, but deliberately distancing ourselves and discriminating against others because they are non-Christians would create 

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