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Ethical Dilemmas (Term Paper Sample)

Reflection Paper Assignment: *Due Date: Wednesday, October 30* Paper Topic: Ethical dilemmas are an unfortunate part of human life. Studying these moral conflicts and our responses to them, however, can provide deep ethical insight. Your paper assignment is to critically reflect upon a significant moral dilemma you have faced in the past. What was the nature of the ethical conflict, and how did you respond? This paper will be on thesis statement basics "Ethical Predicaments" (title) Ethical dilemmas inundate all civilization known to mankind. These include merely everything and anything that is a result of an action. I began to recognize an important ethical debate when I noticed a man that sat stranded and overlooked on the counter. Does ethics imply my moral responsibility is to help someone in such desperation? This paper should focus on how society should not walk pass but to call themselves out in order of providing better to them and to our society...Christianity is welcomed within this paper... furthermore discuss how few stop and many walk past. how there reasons for why they are there might be reasonable. Use the graphic writing by the means the situation of rape to your wife and crossing the man who did this action. You murdered him or almost did... most all will be able to relate. talk how is conviction will label him in society as unwanted and how it can be incorrect to representing their real principles of Christianity.... use terms such as utilitarian/deontology/pragmatist/Value pluralist IF POSSIBLE......." please use Christianity as a support to why we believe this "walk by" might not be right.... also add in how each human as sin but simply a different description (theological voluntarist) Your paper should include a BRIEF description of the ethical dilemma in question, addressing the following: Who were the key parties involved? What were the core features of the conflict? Why did this constitute an ETHICAL dilemma? After outlining the dilemma, provide a thoughtful analysis of your response at the time: How did you attempt to resolve the moral conflict? What was the basis or rationale for your decision? Would you respond to this situation differently today? Why or why not? Requirements: Papers (typed, double-spaced, with 12 point font) should be approximately 4 pages in length..and must be submitted PaThis paper is designed to be an exercise in critical self-examination. This paper will be shown as my personal views. The use of outside references (secondary literature; online resources; other individuals, including classmates; etc.) is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this policy, plagiarism, or any other incidence of academic dishonesty (see Academic Dishonesty section of the Student Handbook), will result in a score of “fail” for the assignment. ****************************** Thesis Statement Requirement: In order to submit their reflection paper for grading, students must first hand in a thesis statement for approval, via the Digital Dropbox on Florida Online. The deadline for thesis statement submission is Monday, September 30. Your thesis statement should provide a brief summary (1 or 2 sentences) of the main points of your paper, i.e., your answer to the guiding question for this assignment, “What was the nature of the ethical conflict, and how did you respond?” Here are some helpful links and resources for effective thesis statement writing: HYPERLINK "http://www(dot)indiana(dot)edu/~wts/pamphlets/thesis_statement.shtml" http://www(dot)indiana(dot)edu/~wts/pamphlets/thesis_statement.shtml HYPERLINK "http://writingcenter(dot)unc(dot)edu/handouts/thesis-statements/" http://writingcenter(dot)unc(dot)edu/handouts/thesis-statements/ Daytona State College Writing Center, HYPERLINK "http://www(dot)daytonastate(dot)edu/cwc/#" http://www(dot)daytonastate(dot)edu/cwc/# ****************************** Reflection Paper Revision Policy: Note that you must achieve a grade of “pass” on your reflection paper in order to pass the course. Students failing to achieve a passing grade will have 1 opportunity to revise their paper to bring it up to the necessary level. Students receiving a grade of “pass” may also elect to revise their paper, one time, in an effort to achieve a grade of “pass with distinction;” although this is completely optional. Paper revisions are due by the beginning of class on Wednesday, November 27, and must be submitted in both hardcopy form and online via the Digital Dropbox. Under no circumstances will revised papers be accepted after this due date. source..
Ethical Predicament Ryan Symenski Dr. Rothstein 30 September 2013 Ethical dilemmas inundate all civilization known to humankind. These include merely everything and anything that is a result of an action. I began to recognize an important ethical debate when I noticed a man that sat stranded and overlooked on the counter. Do ethics imply my moral responsibility is to help someone in such desperation? Of course, yes. My name is Ryan Symenski, and I am currently a student at () University. I was in college when I heard that one of the friends of our cousin had raped my lovely wife Dorkas Symenski. This event actually dramatized her to the extent that she lost her affection and sex with me. In fact, she cannot even touch me anymore and has refused all forms of counseling as she refused that anyone should know her predicament. I am now at a crossroad on what I ought to do to lessen the pain and predicament which she is undergoing and also how to make her regain back the affection she once had on me. My other problem is on how best to deal with the perpetrator as he is still walking free after the case took a longer time to be reported to the police. The police refused to take up the matter arguing that the evidence had been “washed” or removed. Many thoughts were still crossing my head long after the incidence but am now recollecting myself after counseling from a group of Christian friends. My neighbor, Frankline Jusbert, is the one who had informed me through phone how he had heard a rocking bed in my house about two hours after I had left for school. According to this neighbor, the rocking and subsequent screaming from my wife was so loud and scarcely as he knew that, I could not be the one committing that hullabaloo. This made him call the police immediately to rescue my wife from this attacker. To be frank enough, I have not been humiliated in the entirely of my life more than this time. Though I have never thought of murdering anyone in my life, I felt an extreme urge to get an axe and destroy the life of this “bastard” who tempered with the life of my lovely wife. No one can deny that a happening like this would make any man feel utterly humiliated. In my perspective, although I considered killing the rapist as a murder case, I would in mind support it because such incidences have been many and this would be one way to scare other potential ones. I feel incredibly sad when rapists are taken to prison and get short sentences or come back due to lack o...
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