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Male Condoms: What It Is,how It Works,how Effective (Term Paper Sample)


content:what it is,how it works,how effective,advantages/disadvantages,how effective,why church against it


Male Condoms
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Male Condoms
Male condoms are examples of contraception or family planning methods for men which help in the protection against sexually transmissible infections (STIs). The condoms prevent semen from passing the vagina hence prevent sperms from reaching the ovum. Thus, it forms a barrier when rolled onto a man's penis before sexual intercourse. Condom usage has been promoted globally by the health organizations. However, controversies have emerged among different cultural backgrounds and religion on its intended usage among people as a contraceptive. However, one fact is that it lessens the chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections as well as promoting family planning. Regarding the condom usage, the essay herein discusses the usage of the condom, how it works, whether it is effective in the prevention of STIs and HIV/AIDS, the side effects advantages and disadvantages as well as the opposition of its usage by the Catholic Church.
Male Condoms
A male condom is a sheath made of rubber, plastic or lambskin that is used to cover the penis during the sexual intercourse. The condoms vary in color, sizes and the amount of the lubrication and spermicide in them (The Center for Young Women’s Health, 2012). The best condoms to use are the one made of latex if in any case both the partners are not allergic to the latex material. However, in any case of allergy, you may decide to either use those made from polyurethane lambskin. The latter two options are prone to easier breakages and slip compared to the latex. On a separate note, the lambskin condoms are effective in the prevention of pregnancies but not as effective as both latex and polyurethane in the prevention of STIs (The Center for Young Women’s Health, 2012).
How Male Condoms Work
Male condoms are usually protection and contraception methods since they act as barriers when worn around penis during sexual intercourse. The condoms are able to stop the semen and sperms from reaching the ovum since they form a physical barrier between the eggs and the sperms. In addition, male condoms are used for protection against the infections by STIs and HIV/AIDS if they are correctly used during sexual intercourse via vaginal, anal and oral (The Center for Young Women’s Health, 2012). Thus, the sexual partners should ensure that the penis does not come into contact with the vagina before the condom has been put on. This is essentially beneficial to prevent premature ejaculation or release of semen before full erection. If in any case, the semen leaks into the vagina when using the condom, it is advisable to go for emergency contraception from contraception clinic or GP as well as seeking for STI tests (The Center for Young Women’s Health, 2012).
On a separate note, the following procedures are advisable to follow for effective use of condoms;
* Upon full erection of the penis, ensure that the condom to be used has not expired by confirming the expiry dates.
* Then take the condom out of the packet and read the instructions given. Ensure that your jewelry or fingernails do not tear the packet. On the same note, do not use the teeth to tear the packet.
* Next, place the condom at the tip of the fully erected penis and use the thumb and forefinger to squeeze the air from the teat.
* The role of the condom gently down to the base of the penis and if it does not roll it means that it was wrongly held or placed. Therefore, remove it and use a new condom.
* After sexual intercourse, withdraw the penis while still erect holding the condom at the base of the penis and remove the condom from the penis without spilling the semen
* Wrap the condom in a tissue or a soft wrapper then throw it away in a bin and ensure that the penis is not in contact with the par...
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