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Epic of Gilgamesh, Antigone, the Last Socrates and Beowulf (Term Paper Sample)

based on the epic of gilgamesh, antigone, the last socrates, and beowulf, write an essay on how these works mirror the social values of their respective societies. how do the works discuss issues of right and wrong, strong and weak? what do they tell you about religion and politics, the role of woman and attitudes of the mesopotamins, greeks and western europeans towards courage wisdom and death? which of the heroes do you find most appealing? with whom do you find it most difficult to identify? short but spectacular, the essay should be 6-9 pages in length source..
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History: Epic of Gilgamesh, Antigone, the Last Socrates and Beowulf
This paper looks at four mechanisms that is; the last Socrates, the epic of Gilgamesh, Antigone, and Beowulf. The paper examines how these mechanisms emulate the social values of their particular culture. In addition, it will reflect on which of the male protagonists is the most interesting, and who is very tricky to relate to. It as well examines the effect of religion on politics. It is divided into two parts with regard of the specified heroes and social values. The assignment is based on evaluation on achievements on made by Gilgamesh, Antigone, Socrates and Beowulf who provides an insight on how they participated in religion and political development. Each of them has their contributions documented herein and how it did contributes to today`s changes which have been implemented over the years in areas of religion and politics.
The paper aims at examining about the effect of religion and politics on the Sparta and Athens during the Peloponnessian War period in Greece. Its preparation of study is to put into view the background which religion traversed with Athenian civic strategy throughout that age and then to talk about explicit characteristics of such plan that mirror religious praxis otherwise conviction. The most important historical tip to be obtained from the line of the war among the Peloponnesians is that as soon as it was over, the political control and principal cultural and social condition of Athens were as a rule in history, engrossed by ethos and legislative structure of Sparta. Nevertheless the battle exhausted both Sparta and Athens and stopped Greece`s Golden Age. The turn down of Greece was to a great extent not caused by the religious credence and devotion. The assignment provides districting characters of Antigone as an illusory nature as compared with Socrates who is a historic character. While Beowulf and Gilgamesh are protagonists.
The difference between the battle related classics of Gilgamesh and Beowulf, and the extra emotional related works on the Greeks---Socrates, and the fictional Antigone tells us a lot about the differences in the societies in which the works were written (Damrosch and Pike, p8). The Greeks were philosophers who wanted to create a society founded on cause more willingly than zeal. This is evident in the way Antigone and Socrates live and die. Each and every foremost social principle in Greek are distinguished in the personalities of the Antigone and Socrates. Socrates prefers to take poison more willingly than be disloyal to his values. He in addition desires to respect the decrees of the social order which he is part when he turns down the opportunity he was given to escape. Antigone also emulates the morals of Greek society when she says no to comply with the commands of Creon not burying the father (Damrosch and Pike, p50). She says to Ismene that she will not be permitted by Creon to bury the brother because anyone who defies ought to be stoned to death.
Socrates was an authentic historical character while Antigone was an illusory nature who was not less than a credible public figure; the natures of Beowulf and Gilgamesh are destined to be bigger than life larger-than-life male protagonists carrying out outstanding exploits in moments of difficulty. For instance, it is evident in the story about Gilgamesh that he was given a perfect body when he was created by the gods. Shamash the celebrated sun bestowed him with good looks while the supernatural being of the storm known as Adad bestowed him with audacity, the immense gods gave her perfect beauty, exceeding all others, frightening similar to a bull that is huge and wild. Two thirds of his body he was created as god and a third was made man. This is a...
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