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Discuss the role of (a women) women (Essay Sample)

* MLA Format This paper is for my American Literature class. We have read this semester The Iliad, Gawain and the green knight, Beowulf and Hamlet... I\'m open to other paper topics related to these works I just mentioned, it can\'t be plot summaries. I need a total of two 3 pages paper this is one of them, I look forward to order another paper from you guys soon, if I can get a discount for the two papers let me know. Any question feel free to contact me. Thank You. source..
Discuss the Role of (A Women) Women- Royal Women, Enslaved Women, Immortal Goddesses- In the Iliad or Greek Drama
In Iliad, women were considered to be very important, prizes of war incase someone won, and sex slaves. In other cases women are considered to be wives, queens, princesses and daughters that matter a lot. There many but contradictory roles played by women in Iliad. According to the Iliad or Greek drama, women were restricted at great length but their roles were of importance in art. The ideas of Greek society and their religious fervor were represented in the Greek arts (Owen, 1989). The art represented the gods and goddesses interacting in their own ways which were not considered to be from Greek.
These women were controlled by men very closely in their lives, from their fathers to their husbands. They spent most of their time with other women indoors and only left to attend school if there was no family tutor available or to perform religious duties. A girl could be married off to a suitor selected by her father at her teen age, if the families were wealthy, then prior arrangement were made (Owen, 1989))
According to the Iliad society, womans core duties were to be in charge of the household, to bear her husband children for the continuation of the family name and to supervise the slaves. There were also some clear differences between the ‘normal’ women and the status of Spartan women like Penelope. The Spartan women were educated in both athletics and arts and had a right of owning properties and dispose them off just as they wanted.
Royal Women
These includes all the powerful queens and princesses, they are Helen, Hecuba, Clytemnestra, Phaedra, and Medea. They were highly valued and respected and were usually unmarried and were virgins. Though some were married and often inherited the title from within the family. These women were viewed as public figures, in that they could attend debates, symposia’s and forums for ideas (Owen, 1989). They owned properties on the god’s behalf and dispose them off as they so wished. In addition to this, they were free to move outside their houses since the husbands were housed by military barracks.
They made s...
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