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The Early History of Israel. Ancient Israel Course (Essay Sample)


You need to write Critical precis not ESSAY. I have already made an order 2 weeks ago, same kind of style but different article to read now. The 2nd critical precis is due on Tuesday Feburary 4th Late night Eastern time zone. It is a critical reading response to article 1997 Early history of Israel by Rendsburg Gary. [Please use with in text citation and put down the page number of the article, dont make me revise the paper plz] I also want you to proofread it before you upload, because you need to make this critical as much as you can. Think smart. The article is uploaded and referred as 2. Rendsburg Early History Israel 1997. The instructions for the assignment are; The assignment is not very hard. All you have to do is read Rendsburg (1997) - it's a very short article - and write a short response. The critical precis is 500 words (2 pages double spaced). The first two or three paragraphs should: 1. Sum up Rendsburg (1997) argument. 2. Present the debate Rendsburg (1997) is responding to 3. Discuss the methods Rendsburg (1997) uses to conduct his study and prove his arguments. 4. Discuss the evidence Rendsburg uses to formulate his thesis. The last paragraph should be your response to the article. You should include: 1. Do you agree with the methodology and types of evidence Rendsburg (1997) used? 2. Do you agree with Rendsburg (1997) overall argument? Did it connivence you? 3. If you did not like the methodology and line of arguments, what shouldRendsburg (1997) have changed? Remember, You MUST cite where (i.e. what page number) in Rendsburg (1997) article you are referring to. The easiest way to do this is with in text citations. For example, (Rendsburg 1997: 434). Please follow the steps well and for citations. Read the whole article please and make it very concise and understanding don't confuse the teacher and answer the questions in step by step please. i will upload Rendsburg (1997) here. Dont Forget the CITATION NEEDS TO BE TEXT CITATIONS / (Rendsburg 1997: 434) U NEED TO PUT THE PAGE NUMBER WHERE YOU GOT IT FROM. Dont be confusing please and make sense.


Rendsburg, Gary
1997 Early History of Israel. Pp. 433-53 in Crossing Boundaries and Linking Horizons: Studies in Honor of Michael C. Astour on His 80th Birthday, ed. G. D. Young, M. W. Chavalas, and R. E. Averbeck. Bethesda, MD: CDL.

The Early History of Israel
Gary A. Rendsburg
Cornell University
In an article such as this, the topic of "The Early History of Israel" cannot be treated with all the necessary detail. Instead, this article represents an outline, incorporating ideas previously published by others and myself. It is, in short, a synthesis. Michael Astour has distinguished himself as a historian of the ancient Near East throughout his illustrious career. Researchers in the field have learned much from his many and varied studies. And although my own expertise is in language and literature, I offer this foray into history as a tribute to our honoree, with sincere wishes that he may enjoy many more years of good life and productive scholarship.
Anyone who approaches the early history of Israel must do so with all due caution. There are, of course, no Israelite records contemporary with the events and processes to be discussed herein. Instead, the historian must approach the topic with the realization that the main document, the Torah, (a) was composed at a later time, and (b) did not have as its main goal the presentation of history in the modern sense of the word. In my estimation, the date of this composition is the tenth century B.C.E., that is, the period of David and Solomon,1 and the main goal was a combination of elements,


Critical Précis
In his scholarly text of “The Early History of Israel”, Gary Rendsburg presents an outline that integrates thoughts that he and others had published previously. The synthesis that involves a number of scholars that made efforts of tracing the history of Israel's beginnings critically evaluates the relationships between the texts. Rendsburg cautions the scholars that they need to be watchful when approaching the ancient history of Israel because it lacks accurate records of the times (Rendsburg, 1997: 433). Moreover, the scholars ought to understand that the Torah, which is considered as the main document during its composition lacked the main goal of presenting the history in the word's modern sense.
In addition, Rendsburg puts in that Torah was compiled at a later date, meaning that if the scholars used it alone as the source of study may fail to bring out accurate and valid study. He argues that the composition of this documentation according to his estimation could be during the tenth century B.C.E, which was David's and Solomon's period. The major aim was elements combination that includes history text, aesthetic literature, political propaganda as well as theological treatise. But he says Rendsburg states that the existence of the additional aspects in biblical storyline doesn't mean we should reject the evidence found historically.
Rendsburg initiates his evaluation by citing the review of Beowulf work by his colleague, Robert Farrell. The words cited are almost in comparison with the Torah (Rendsburg, 1997: 434). This comparison implies that even though the narrative is footed from the historical facts that may be well known to the author, his attention is more focused on presenting a narrat...
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