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Reflection On Key Learning & Organizational Behaviour (Term Paper Sample)


You will write a 2,500-word (9-10 page, double-spaced) term paper for this course, which will be comprised of two parts:
• Part 1: Reflection on key learning – (500 words)
During the course, we will have worked on 14 topics. You are required to select the topic of which you think learning will be most relevant for your future career.
In explaining the importance of this topic and how it will benefit your career, you need also to refer to relevant theories on the topic and your own perspective with critical analysis (i.e., in what ways do you think this topic will benefit your future
work, and it what ways do you think it is not particularly relevant for your future work? Are there critics of the theory? Why or why not?)
• Part 2: The Essay – (max 2000 words)
You are to choose one of the session topics and make a critical case study on this topic using a real organization. Ideally, this will be an organization you currently work for or have worked for in the past. If you have never worked, choose an
the organization you have a lot of knowledge about or can easily access.
The requirements for Part 2 of the essay are:
i. the topic was covered in one of the 10 weeks this term.
ii. you use an organization you know well (you have worked there, or still work there, or a company contacts there). The point is that it is easy for you to get information about this organization
iii. your case analysis should develop towards a critical discussion of the theories that are relevant to your organization. You should demonstrate which aspects of your organization DO and DO NOT ‘fit the model'
iv. any sources used must be referenced in the Appendix using the title “References.” Understandably, you will be using the information you have from personal experience or from relations working in the organization you are analyzing. In these cases, simply put an in-text reference like (personal experience) or (personal conversation). You can vary the way you do this, but the requirement is that you give some indication as to where or how you acquired this information.

v. your submission will not be made public. However, if you feel that you are using information that might be too sensitive for the organization, you may anonymize the organization and/or persons. In any case, please set the context for your chosen organization by briefly describing what the organization does, where it is based, how big it is, etc.
vi. your grade will be determined by the following criteria: Focus (setting up a clear essay question to address, staying on topic), Synthesis (bringing together relevant literature in a significant manner), Soundness (demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the topic, providing a critical discussion), Clarity of Structure (well organized and logically constructed), Mechanical Soundness (clearly written, spell checked, referenced appropriately)
vii. please use Times New Roman (12 point font) or Arial (11 point font)


Student's Name
Term Paper
1.0 Reflection on Key Learning
One of the topics, which we have learned in this course, is concerned with the tactics and strategies of opening a business based on the amount of capital at his disposal and the organizational culture implemented by a firm. From a personal perspective, opening a business demands capital and dedication to ensure that the career of an individual is successful. Carlsson, Eriksson, and Gottfried (1) say that the efficiency wage and bargaining theory argues that organizations set wages above the level of market clearing and the level of labor demands determines the rate of employment. The significance of analyzing the job market before deciding to start any business is significant since it offers an investor the ideas that are needed in identifying the level of competitiveness and the simplicity of joining that market. There are numerous theories that have been developed to examine the requirements that are needed before opening up a job.
Organizational behavior plays an important role in the success of an organization since it impacts on various forms of communication strategies and exchange of ideas. This will be of huge benefit to my career choice since it will equip me with skills that are necessary when it comes to investment in small businesses. Studies have shown that alternative theories of the labor market have been used to analyze the variations in the creation of new jobs. For instance, search-matching theory argues that when it comes to job creation, an organization tends to depend on the presence of workers (employment) as well as the level of job openings in other organizations (congestion). Furthermore, efficiency wage and bargaining theory argue that the level of labor demand tends to determine employment creation while the market clearing level tends to influence the wage rate.
Research studies done to collect macroeconomic evidence from America and other nations argue indicate that creation of jobs and destruction of employment opportunities tends to co-exist in all stages a business cycle. Organizations tend to have different employment opportunities and experiences, even when they are defined narrowly during aggregate conditions. Mortensen and Pissarides (397) have developed a model that is concerned with the creation of jobs and destruction of jobs and they integrate it into a matching strategy to wage determination and equilibrium unemployment. This is an employment theory that tends to examine the way in which jobs are created in a specific market and the way jobs are destroyed. Organizations tend to experience different factors because of persistent individualistic shocks. This leads to different mechanisms of job creation and destruction, which can then be incorporated, into an aggregate behavior that is concerned with employment creation and the level of unemployment.
This course has examined numerous job creation theories and models and how these affect investors opening up a business. The economy usually has diverse employment opportunities that tend to vary based on the values and aspects of the labor product. The design of each job aims at manufacturing a single unit, which varies from the common product. The variation tends to impact on the amount of price, which will be charged, and this is distinct in every employee that is subjected to individualistic risks as well as productivity and taste shocks. It is also commonly assumed that an investment tends to be irreversible and this implies that an employment opportunity cannot be switched based on the variation of a product that has been created. Therefore, before investment, an entrepreneur must put into consideration the technology that is needed and ways in which differen...

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