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Terrorism And State Terrorism: Similarities & Differences (Term Paper Sample)


How is “terrorism” and “state terrorism” similar and different, and how are they related?


Terrorism and State Terrorism
Terrorism and State Terrorism
Terror activities have widely impacted on the lives of individuals from various countries across the world. The effects of terrorism are usually adverse and lead to human suffering such as torture, rape, loss of families through deaths, and displacement of individuals from their settlement areas. Terrorist activities can be carried out by specific individuals or group of people who are interested in creating fear among the citizens of a particular nation. However, some states may get involved in terrorist activities against their own citizens as a sign forcing them to abide by their ruthless rules. In the case of terrorism, governments always take the initiative of countering the attacks and protecting properties and lives of the citizens. The protection is done by special security agencies that consist of various dockets of security as a whole. A good example of a country that has the security agencies is the US. The agencies are entitled to carrying out investigations on terrorism, as well as employing the relevant methods of combatting intended terrorist activities. Terrorism and State Terrorism have similarities and differences and can also be examined to determine how they are related to each other.
Terrorism involves creating fear among governments and their respective citizens through conducting some unlawful deeds such as abduction, rape, genocide, and massacre. The activities are carried out by some individuals or group of individuals who normally conceal their identity from the public. Terrorists usually try to instill fear in a government as a strategy of gaining political power so that they can be at a position of ruling that particular nation. Terrorism is distinguished from other modes of violence in a number of ways (Blakeley & Raphael, 2016). The possibility of distinction is due to some of the unique features of terrorism as an act. Considering the characteristics, terrorism is premeditated and conducted to create an extreme fear among humanity. The feature is accomplished through serious inhumanity carried out as a specific sign for how inhuman the terrorists are. On the other hand, terrorism is geared towards a wider target of individuals who eventually befall the victims of the evil acts. The attacks are usually random and impromptu and involve mass killing of civilians, characterized by massive destruction of property.
Besides, terrorists target specific symbolic areas where they are sure of finding a large population of individuals. Even though terrorism activities are considered extra-normal by the society in which it occurs, the terror groups are still determined towards influencing the political behavior of governments, communities, and some distinct social groups. Criminal acts, specifically terrorism, have been heightened by the technological advancements in the world. The technologies, especially in the communication sector, have resulted in globalization that has in turn promoted rapid and efficient communication among terrorist groups (Combs, 2017). Terrorists can easily plan the terror activities and plan a successful exit strategy due to the availability of efficient communication provided by the information technology. Terrorism has extreme effects such as serious damage of property, endangering people's lives, creating risks to the health and safety of the public, and interference of various systems in a country, such as electric and health systems. Fortunately, the effects can be subdued by governments through following the recommended procedures of countering the attacks. During countering of any terrorist attack, the government officials involved should ensure no interruption of state's activities suc...

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