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Reflection: Integration of Muslim Population (Essay Sample)


This final project is very very important for me and PLEASE


Course: ENGL-1120
Reflection: Integration of Muslim Population
The topic on the integration of the Muslim population in the American society has opened up my understanding of the various challenges and experiences of the Muslim community. The Muslims are part of the American society, not by choice but because they are part of the human race who we stay with. There are several stereotypes associated with the Muslim religion especially in relation to terrorism. However, through analysis of research sources in this project I have come to understand about the need to understand individuals as individuals and not generalizing them. These stereotypes have affected the Muslim society which makes it difficult to integrate them into the American society. Exploring their history gives one a wider view of the Muslims and an understanding of how peaceful they are. The animosity against this community started during the 9/11 attacks. Therefore, it will be unfair to judge the entire Muslim religion as terrorist. This research has also changed my view on this religion and my appreciation for their importance in the American society. Issues and policies that are aimed at segregating the Muslim Religion in America should be avoided. The Muslims are just like any other community except for the few who indulge in terrorism, but this is across the board and we should not crucify them for that.
Due to the stereotypes that have been associated with the Muslim community it has been increasingly made difficult for the Muslims to be assimilated into the U

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