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Official State Terrorism: Why Does It Exist? (Essay Sample)


What is official state terrorism, why does it exist, how is it used, and what abuses have resulted from it?


Official State Terrorism

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Official state terrorism is as an act of terrorism mostly used by the ruling government against its people so that they can submit under their rules and wishes, or to a foreign state. The issue of state terrorism was initially brought about by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman in the year 1970 and 1980s mostly during the cold war days. There are researchers who argue that state terrorism should not be conducted by the government and that the activities administered by state terrorism are to mainly target the civilians during the war which is against human rights.
Official state terrorism exists as a matter of official government policy in that top government officials order important sectors to be involved in the forceful domestic expression, (Gillian Duncan, Orla Lynch, Gilbert Ramsay, Alison M.S. Watson, 2013). They mainly do this to preserve existing orders and to ensure that state authority is maintained through the state by showing the state power. A regulated system of government that formally chooses forceful oppression as a policy selection justified their demeanor as a legal technique of protecting the state from a menace from within.
There two ways in which the official state terrorism is brought out. That is overt and covert. Over official state, terrorism is said to be the seeable administration of the state that is political and forcefully sponsored. It is a policy that is concealed and manifest repression against a home enemy. This was commonly seen in totalitarian societies which included Nazi Germany, Taliban Afghanistan, Stalinist Russia and Khmer Rouge Cambodia.
The other way of official state terrorism is the covertly. This type is a hidden administration of state that is politically forceful sponsored. This is a policy of open and implied repression against homes economy. This is mainly found in countries which have widespread private police services which include Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Argentina during the dirty war, president Hatez of Assad's of Syria and General Augusta Pinochet's Chile.
Also, the mass repression is another way that the state has conducted terrorism.

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